Exact day Arctic blast will return to Britain bringing 6 inches of snow and -8C

Britain could be set to be hit harder by unsettled weather conditions heavy snowfall and temperatures dipping to as low as -8C on its way.

A moderate beginning to 2023 has soon been replaced by a chilly one with no end in sight as February promises to bring more freezing conditions to Britain.

Weather maps from WXCharts illustrate the wintry conditions that are seemingly on its way to hit the UK next month with six inches of snow and temperatures of -8C a possibility by February 10.

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The extremely chilly conditions means that a 25% chance of a polar vortex weakening to the point that a "sudden stratospheric warming" (SSW) could be triggered, which would increase the amount of polar air towards the nation.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said: “Computer models show an SSW is a possibility.”

A weather warning from the Met Office stated: "Freezing fog will lead to difficult driving conditions and could cause travel delays in some areas."

BBC weather forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker said some regions will be alleviated of the freezing cold in the coming days as he said: "We will also lose the frost in the south of the country where recently it has been very cold.

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"A cold front is running across the country, introducing a little bit of rain early in the morning across northern parts of the UK across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

"Little bits of rain and murky conditions further south as well, there will be a touch of frost first thing, anywhere from East Anglia through the south east down towards the West country but the vast majority of us will have temperatures above freezing first thing.”


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