Extinction Rebellion arrests – how many protesters have been arrested so far?

EXTINCTION Rebellion have embarked on a fresh wave of protests as they plan to "shut down" London for two weeks from October 7.

There have been hundreds of activists arrested – but just how many arrests have been made, when did they happen and what have Extinction Rebellion said? Read on to find out everything we know.

How many Extinction Rebellion protesters have been arrested so far?

As of 6pm on October 8, 2019 the number of arrests peaked at 531.

Tuesday, October 9

  • Met Police confirm that: "As of 21:30hrs on Tuesday 8 October, 261 people have been arrested as part of the Extinction Rebellion protests in London," via Twitter.

Wednesday, October 8

  • Metropolitan Police tweeted: "As of 17:30hrs 212 arrests have been made in relation to Extinction Rebellion protest today. Protestors who wish to continue with their assembly MUST go to Trafalgar Square and only assemble in the pedestrianised area around Trafalgar Column or be liable to arrest and prosecution."
  • Police confirm over 500 arrests so far, Tweeting: "#Watch the below message from Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor"Now over 500 arrests in relation to Extinction rebellion made over the last day and a half with help from our colleagues across the country."

Tuesday, October 7

  • Met Police confirm: "As of 1715hrs today, officers have made 217 arrests in relation to the Extinction Rebellion protests."

What have Extinction Rebellion said about the arrests?

The number of arrests marked a tougher stance from the police who had come under fire in April when they were filmed larking around with activists on Waterloo Bridge who had caused travel misery to ordinary Londoners.

But XR encouraged their activists to get arrested as Extinction Rebellion organisers told protesters to sit down and "be arrested" as police continued to try to remove them on October 7.

In April, demonstrations from the group lead to over 1,000 arrests with organisers branding it "biggest civil disobedience event in recent British history."

Organisers hope the fortnight of October protests to be five times bigger than similar events in April.

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