Feisty lioness SLAPS a lion to put him in his place

Leave it out, mate! Feisty lioness SLAPS a lion to put him in his place

  • Incredible photos showing the face-off between a lion and lioness were taken in the Ndutu area of Tanzania
  • Game reserve manager Giuseppe D’amico snapped the photos while out taking photos in the African bush
  • In the pictures the pair can be seen exchanging heavy slaps as they quarrel in a dusty clearing in the savanna 

An enraged lioness was spotted brutally slapping her partner across the face in a remarkable lover’s tiff in the middle of the African savanna. 

Captured on the luscious green plains of Tanzania in the Ndutu area – the fighting pair were also spotted baring their teeth and giving each other dirty looks.

Game reserve manager, Giuseppe D’amico, snapped the domestic dispute while on the prowl for photo opportunities.

Giuseppe, 59, said: ‘I was there because of the many photographic opportunities – in this case a pair of very quarrelsome mating lions.

‘These photos were taken in Tanzania, in the Ndutu area, at the southern border of the Serengeti.

‘The pictures show the frequent quarrels between the two lions in love.’

The duelling pair can be seen exchanging painful blows as they spar in the middle of a dusty clearing in the African savanna

The enraged male lion doesn’t seem too happy to have been slapped and can be seen giving a venemous scowl after the hit

Not content with landing a single shot on her male counterpart, the lioness goes back for a second round of slaps after her initial foray

At one point the lion looks to have sustained a cut to its upper lip as it back away from the lioness and bares its enormous teeth

It soon becomes clear who’s winning the battle as the female stands her ground while the stunned male trots around her in a circle

The dramatic photos were taken in the Tanzanian area of Ndutu by game reserve manager Giuseppe D’amico, originally from Italy

Close-ups show the beasts in boxer-like poses as the male lion receives a bludgeoning haymaker from the livid female lioness

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