Fifty dogs are rescued from a squalid meat farm in South Korea

Fifty dogs are saved from the pot at South Korean meat farm on the eve of ‘Bok Nal’ season where a MILLION canines will be eaten as soup

  • South Koreans consume more than 1million dogs a year, mostly as soup during the ‘Bok Nal’ summer season
  • Charity workers rescued more than 50 animals destined for the pot from a small farm in the country’s north
  • Dogs were found suffering from skin conditions and swollen paws from walking around inside rusty cages
  • The canines will now be vaccinated and taken to an animal shelter in Canada before going up for adoption 

Dozens of dogs destined to be killed for their meat have been saved from horrendous conditions on a farm in South Korea.

Charity Humane Society International rescued 50 animals from a small farm in northern Gyeonggi-do province this month after finding the animals locked in tiny cages and living in filth.

The animals will now be sent to an adoption centre in Canada where workers will attempt to find them permanent homes.

Dozens of dogs have been saved from slaughter after being rescued by charity workers who found them in horrible conditions on a farm in South Korea

In total 50 dogs, including Jindo crosses, terrier crosses and Sapsal breeds, were saved from the farm and will now be taken to Canada

The canines were rescued by workers from Humane Society International who persuaded the farmer, named only as Shin, to replace the animals with more profitable crops

The dogs were suffering from skin conditions and had swollen paws from walking around in dilapidated cages when they were found

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    The dogs were discovered just before the start of the Bok Nal summer season, when South Korea consumes the majority of its dog meat.

    More than a million animals are eaten each year inside the country, with 70 per cent of those consumed on three dates in the lunar calendar which this year fall on July 17, July 27 and August 16.

    The meat is mostly eaten as a soup called bosintang which is believed to improve stamina and virility.


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    Speaking about the closed dog farm, HSI’s South Korea dog meat campaigner Nara Kim said: ‘This farm is typical of many smaller dog meat farms we see across South Korea – dilapidated cages, squalid conditions, dogs in appalling conditions, some barely clinging to life when our rescue team arrives. 

    ‘It’s vital that we show Koreans the grim reality of these places because most people have no idea and are really horrified. 

    ‘Although the practice of eating dog is on the decline, and we anticipate it will ultimately die out, during the Bok days of summer we still see an increase in people eating dog meat soup. 

    South Koreans consume more than a million dogs per year, mostly in the form of soup which is eaten during the summer months

    Charity workers say dogs are often kept in inhumane conditions before being killed in painful and cruel ways, sometimes taking up to 20 minutes to die

    The dogs will now be vaccinated and placed in a shelter in Canada while workers attempt to find them forever homes

    Charity workers have persuaded the farmer to expand his crop of water parsley (pictured here) instead of farming dog meat

    ‘We hope to change that by exposing the disgusting and cruel conditions, and we hope also to influence the government as a growing number of South Koreans are calling on our politicians to shut down this brutal trade.’

    Humane Society International works by encouraging farmers to give up producing dog meat and encourages them to plant profitable crops instead.  

    HSI reached an agreement with Farmer Shin who has bred dogs for four years in but now plans to expand his more profitable water parsley business. 

    This will be the 12th dog meat farm closed down by the charity, which has so far flown more than 1,300 dogs to the U.S., UK and Canada to find new homes. 

    These latest 50 dogs – including Jindo crosses, terrier crosses and Sapsal – will fly to HSI Canada’s temporary shelter in Montreal. 

    Meanwhile, back in South Korea, HSI’s Seoul-based campaigners will use the heart-wrenching images from the farm to raise awareness as the Bok Nal season approaches and dog meat soup appears on menus more frequently.  

    One of the dogs being put up for adoption is Kaya, a Jindo mix which had a litter of puppies while waiting to be killed

    Nara Kim, campaign manager with the charity, helps Kaya out of her cage after persuading the farmer to give up breeding dogs

    Two of the rescued animals are treated to a hearty meal before being removed from their cages and flown to Canada

    Lola Webber, a campaign manager for the charity, lifts Louis out of his cage. The cocker spaniel was abandoned as a pet before being taken to the farm

    Farmer Shin, who asked to have his identity hidden for fear his water parsley customers would find his dog farming offensive, says: ‘With my parsley growing so successful, and the life of a dog farmer really too hard, I just don’t need this in my life any more. It is much better to stop farming dogs, I will be relieved for it to end.’

    More than 2.5 million dogs a year are reared on thousands of dog meat farms across South Korea. 

    The farm in Gyeonggi-do is one of many hundreds of smaller sized farms across the country, although large farms can keep as many as 2,000 dogs or more. 

    Many of the dogs in HSI’s latest rescue are suffering from painful skin diseases and swollen paws that HSI will help to heal once they are safely in Canada.  

    Kitty Block, President of Humane Society International, says: ‘South Korea’s President Moon is a dog lover who recently opened up his heart and home to a rescue pup. 

    The charity has so-far closed 12 dog meat farms around South Korea, where the habit of eating the animals is falling out of fashion

    Caged dogs wait to be transported to Canada where they will be put up for adoption

    An estimated 30million dogs are eaten each year across Asia, with China, Vietnam and Indonesia consuming the most

    ‘So he will know that these beautiful dogs languishing on dog meat farms are just as loving and smart as any pet dog. 

    ‘President Moon also recently proposed amending South Korea’s Constitution to include respect for animal welfare, so we believe that now is the perfect time for the country to look at HSI’s program as a strategic, workable solution to ending this most heartless of trades.’

    The methods used to kill the dogs is often brutal – death by electrocution is most common, with dogs usually taking up to five minutes to die. 

    Hanging is also practiced, with dogs are killed in full view of other dogs, which is illegal under South Korean animal welfare laws.

    In China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and other places across Asia an estimated 30million dogs are killed and eaten each year. 

    Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore have dog meat bans.

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