Final moments of Kirsty Maxwell who plunged to her death from balcony

Chilling final moments of tragic Kirsty Maxwell show British holidaymaker return from hen do then lie in bed… just hours before she fell to her death from Benidorm hotel balcony

  • CCTV footage has captured the final moments of British woman Kirsty Maxwell
  • She is filmed staggering along a corridor in the Payma Apartments in Benidorm
  • The newly released footage was taken hours before she plunged to her death 
  • The chilling video has been aired on a BBC documentary called Killed Abroad 

Chilling CCTV footage has captured the final moments of a British woman who fell to her death from a 10th floor Benidorm balcony during a friend’s hen party. 

Kirsty Maxwell is filmed staggering along a corridor in the Payma Apartments in the Spanish resort just hours before she died.

The newly released video shows the friends, each wearing their hen do costumes, make their way to a lift in the building.

More footage shot on a mobile phone, shows Mrs Maxwell, from West Lothian in Scotland, asleep in bed on April 29 last year. 

CCTV footage shows Kirsty Maxell (far right) arriving back to the hotel with friends at 5.35am. The time on the clip is incorrect by one hour

The video then shows the group waiting for a lift. Ms Maxwell is on the left

Mrs Maxwell is filmed asleep in her hotel room at 6.50am. An hour later she falls to her death

The group had returned to the apartments at 5.35am – the time stamp on CCTV was one hour out.

She then went to sleep, and was filmed snoring at 6.50am 

An hour later, at 07:51am, Mrs Maxwell fell to her death from the balcony of apartment 10E, on the tenth floor, which was occupied by five men from Nottingham. 

The men, dubbed the Benidorm Five, were all quizzed by police but were allowed to return to the UK.   

Kirsty Maxwell, 27 (pictured with her husband of six months Adam) from West Lothian in Scotland, was on a friend’s hen party in the Spanish resort of Benidorm on April 29 last year when she died

Mrs Maxwell had been drinking with friends before she left them for a different hotel room occupied by five men she did not know before falling from this balcony 

A picture shows where Mrs Maxwell fell to her death in April last year 

They deny any wrongdoing and police are still investigating the bank worker’s death. 

Callum Northridge is one of the men who has been questioned over Mrs Maxwel’s death

The CCTV footage has featured in a new BBC documentary Killed Abroad, which aired in Scotland this week. 

It also features an interview with Ms Maxwell’s family, of West Lothian, Scotland, also appealed for new information.

Her widower Adam, 28, who married Ms Maxwell just seven months earlier, said: ‘We made a promise as a family that we would leave no stone unturned for Kirsty.

‘This was my Kirsty. The circumstances surrounding it were impossible to believe.

‘It was just me and the rest of the family doing the investigation as such, which was hugely difficult.

‘At the same time we were organising Kirsty’s funeral, I was organising second autopsies to be done. 

Tests have confirmed that Ms Maxwell was more than three times the drink-drive limit when she died, but had not taken any drugs. 

Her family have also blasted any suggestion that she jumped.

Three of the men are pictured covering their faces as they came out of a court hearing

Another of the five men is pictured covering his face as he left court left, along with Ricky Gammon, right 

Joseph Graham is another of the five men the Maxwell family are begging for answers in the investigation into their daughter’s death 

Her brother Ryan Curry told the documentary: ‘She was at the happiest point in her life, and so was everyone else.

‘Really content with life at that time, and it just changed overnight.’

Joseph Graham, Callum Northridge, Ricky Gammon, Anthony Holehouse and Daniel Bailey were part of a group of 50 men on holiday together at the time of Mrs Maxwell’s death.

In a previous statement, four of the men branded the incident a ‘tragic accident’ and argued their names had been ‘dragged through the mud’.

Spanish authorities have insisted the investigation into Kirsty’s death remains open.

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