Flight delayed as stowaway pigeon escapes hand luggage causing passenger chaos

Two stowaway pigeons caused chaos on a flight after escaping from the hand luggage storage moments before takeoff.

Amused passengers filmed one bird flapping up and down the aisle inside the Go Air domestic flight from Ahmedabad to Jaipur, India.

A passenger is said to have attempted to catch the pigeon mid-air as cabin crew “ducked” to avoid it.

Staff were forced to delay the flight for 30 minutes before they eventually managed to coax the birds out by opening one of the plane doors.

Some passengers joked how the pigeons should have been given their own boarding pass.

It is not clear how they entered the aircraft.

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"Two pigeons found their way inside GoAir Ahmedabad-Jaipur flight while passengers were boarding (at Ahmedabad airport yesterday). The crew immediately shooed birds outside," the carrier said in the statement.

"GoAir regrets any inconvenience caused to its passengers and requests the airport authorities to get rid of this menace," the low-cost Indian airline said in a statement, according to New Delhi Television (NDTV).

It comes as a plane “ blew up” after a bird was sucked in during take off at a Brit airport.

The incident happened on The Flybe flight to Paris, sparking panic among the 80 passengers.

And a horrifying clip revealed a bird being obliterated after smashing into the window of a Boeing 737 cockpit.

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