Fort Bliss soldier Asia Graham, 19, 'found dead in room at barracks' and it's 'not immediately clear' how she died

FORT Bliss soldier Asia Graham was allegedly found dead in a room at the barracks and it's "not immediately clear" how she died.

The 19-year-old North Carolina native was found unresponsive on Thursday at the Texas Army base, officials told KHOU.

She was pronounced dead by emergency personnel, officials told ABC.

The outlet reported that an investigation is taking place into how she died.

Graham joined the Army in July 2019 and was assigned to the 1st Armored Divison.

She was a human resources specialist and was stationed at Fort Bliss in December, officials said.

Following her death, her division released a statement on Facebook saying Graham was a "valued member" of the team who did an "outstanding job."

"Her loss is felt not just in our formations but across the Army.

"We lost a skilled human resource specialist who wanted nothing more than to serve her country and her battle buddies," the statement said.

Graham's death comes just weeks after Fort Hood kicked out 14 commanders following the death of Vanessa Guillén.

The soldier's death sparked a probe into a string of 28 deaths and sexual assaults, leading to the purge of senior offices at the base.

After Guillén's disappearance, the Independent Review Committee probed Fort Hood's command climate and culture, looking at incidents there as far back as 2014 and interviewing 503 women.

A whopping 93 of these woman were allegedly sexually assaulted – but only 59 women reported it,  in addition to the 217 unreported harassment claims.

Guillén's relatives bravely spoke out after McCarthy's announcement, as Guillén's mother, Gloria, demanded criminal charges against the individuals involved in her daughter murder.

"I told the secretary of the force [McCarthy] that yes, it's very good that you caught some, but no, I want a case," Gloria Guillén, Vanessa's mother, said in Spanish.

"I want a case that uncovers the truth of what truly happened. What happened to my daughter, why was her murdered so cruel. She was not a cockroach, she was an innocent human and they killed her.

"And it wasn't just her, they did so to various soldiers. Fort Hood is corrupt, Fort Hood is the worst that could've happened to me because that's where my daughter died," added the mother.

The family's attorney Natalie Khawam said they are relieved to find out the truth from the findings of the independent probe and urged everyone watching the case to keep supporting the I Am Vanessa Guillén bill.

"Everybody is watching, everybody cares and that's important. Vanessa's death will not be in vain, it will live with us forever and we're all going to be apart of making that change, making that difference," Khawam said.

At a December 8 press briefing, journalists heard that the committee had issued nine findings – including the Army's Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention Program (SHARP) was ineffective.

The review board acknowledged that soldier accountability was not enforced, harrowing crimes at the base weren't addressed, and where there were "delays that are troublesome to the victim" in terms of justice.

They also noted that claims there was no evidence Guillén was sexually harassed was a "flawed finding" today after her family said she'd been harassed at work, prompting the hashtag #IAmVanessaGuillen online.

They explained there was a terror of retaliation, Army careers being derailed, and compromised confidentiality in terms of why Fort Hood's sexual assault program wasn't effective.

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