Free electric BBQs are being installed on three British beaches and they will even be cleaned for you

BRITS are being treated to free BBQ’s on three UK beaches – with the council even cleaning them for you.

BCP Council has confirmed that they will be installing six communal electric barbecues for a two week trial.

All visitors to the beaches will need to take is their own selections of meat and other BBQ snacks to tuck into.

But you’ll have to be quick, with the stainless steel barbecues being launched on a first come first serve basis.

BCP Council also announced that under the initiative they will be cleaning them, but expect people to wipe them down when they finish.

Under the new plans the barbecues will be turned on and off automatically for safety reasons.

The BBQ’s will be installed in the next few weeks along Fisherman’s Walk, Branksome Chine and to the east of Bournemouth Pier.

Disposable BBQ’s will still be allowed on the beaches between 6pm and 10.30pm provided that they are disposed of safely.


The news comes after the scorching heatwave hit the UK last week, with more sunny spells predicted over the weekend.

The heatwave peaked at 32.3C at Heathrow on Tuesday and Northern Ireland recorded its highest temperature of 31.4C.

Britain’s hottest recorded day of 38.7C was in Cambridge in 2019 – and all five of our hottest days have been since 1990. 

Top temperatures of 20C will be reaches over the weekend, with eastern and northern parts of the country having sporadic spells of showers.

Cllr Mohan Iyengar said: “Communal barbecues have worked successfully in other resorts and we’re glad to introduce them here. They’re a free-to-use alternative to disposal barbecues.

“To the extent they’re taken up, we’ll reduce litter, injuries, water pollution and fire hazards on the beach – helping everyone enjoy a safer and more relaxing stay in our resort.”

Families have previously issues heatwave warnings about disposable BBQ’s after a youngster suffered gruesome burns when he was scorched by one.

Schoolboy Will Tyler, 10, had been enjoying a day out with his family on Formby Beach, Merseyside, after treading on the sand where a disposable BBQ had been smouldering for hours.

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