French President Emmanuel Macron pinches Boris Johnson's 'Rule of Six' to tackle Covid cases

FRANCE’S Emmanuel Macron has pinched Boris Johnson's "Rule of Six" to battle soaring covid cases across the Channel.

The French President unveiled his "la regle c'est six maximum" or "the rule is six maximum" slogan as he slapped a 9pm curfew on Paris and other cities.

In a long prime time TV address to the French people on Wednesday night, Mr Macron said: "When we invite friends to the house we shouldn't be more than six round the table.”

"In restaurants, we say no more than six people around the table," he added. “As a maximum, in our private lives, we need to do this." 

But eagle-eyed Brits quickly spotted it was a direct rip off of the British "rule of six" that Mr Johnson introduced last month to outlaws big groups meeting up.


And it’s not the first time Mr Macron has turned to Britain for inspiration for his virus tackling measures.

In May, after Downing Street downgraded their order to Brits from “stay at home” to “stay alert”, the French copied that too.

Macron unveiled the “restez prudents” tagline, which roughly translates to “stay cautious”.

At the time Mr Johnson was widely criticised for the confusing slogan, but said he was “interested” to see that the French government adopt it shortly after.

He told a No10 press conference: “For those who think that the stay alert is not the right message, I think it is absolutely the right message for our country now.”

And after quoting the French version of the slogan, he added: “Which is, as I’m sure everybody knows, roughly the same sort of thing as our message and I think it’s the right way to go.”

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