Front page headline about royal wedding and kids’ funerals sparks mixed reaction

An American newspaper has sparked applause and outrage with a front page headline reading: "They do royal weddings. We do schoolkids’ funerals."

The New York Daily News says the US does "mass shootings better than anybody else in the civilised world".

The bold headline was paired with a picture of Meghan and Harry, smiling outside St George’s Chapel, in Windsor, on their wedding day.

The couple got married one day after a 17-year-old boy killed 10 people in a shooting at Santa Fe High School, in Texas.

"It is always easy, and big fun, to make fun of the royals in England, and the kind of high church and high ceremony we witnessed Saturday at Windsor Castle when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle ," a Daily News articles reads.

"Weddings like that, as infrequently as they occur, are all theirs. In this country, we do funerals for schoolchildren."

Hundreds of people have taken to Twitter to share their views on the headline, which has been hailed as everything from "sickeningly distasteful" to "completely spot on".

"Your front cover gets more disgusting and hateful on a daily basis," one social media user wrote.

"It’s amazing to lengths you will go to for disparage good things around the world and ignore real facts about the school shootings," another wrote.

"I get the reasoning but it’s still tasteless," one man said.

Others retweeted a picture of the front page in support.

"Completely spot on," one user wrote. "Saying it how it is."

Some people kept their opinions hidden and simply wrote "ouch" or "interesting headline".

"Brilliant New York Daily News front page," Twitter user Paul Connew wrote.

"Wonder what The Donald would make of it? Bet he won’t tweet this one."

The toll of the injured in Texas rose to 13 yesterday, with authorities announcing the higher number via Twitter.

Students at the high school turned crime scene were permitted back inside to collect items they left behind when fleeing the shooter 24 hours earlier.

Among the dead were two teachers and a Pakistani exchange student, according to family and friends.

We are only 20 weeks into 2018 and there have already been 22 school shootings in the US where someone was hurt or killed.

There has been, on average, one every week.

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