Fuel bosses rake in £30 million a DAY

Fuel bosses rake in £30 million a DAY as they fail to slash petrol and diesel prices despite campaigners saying they should’ve dropped by a 20p a litre amid fall in global oil prices

  • Petrol bosses taking advantage of fuel prices are making £30million in a day
  • The cost of filling up a car could have reportedly decreased by 20p per litre
  • However, fuel chiefs are raking in up to 29p per litre in profit on petrol alone,

Petrol bosses taking advantage of high fuel prices are making £30million in a day.

People campaigning for fuel prices to decrease said the cost of filling up a car could have decreased by 20p per litre.

However, fuel chiefs are raking in up to 29p per litre in profit on petrol alone, according to The Sun.

Statistics showed bosses are making even more – 35.7p per litre – on diesel.

FairFuelUK’s Howard Cox said: ‘Prices at the pumps should now be 15p to 20p less, due to oil costs falling by 30 per cent in March plus a welcome 6p cut in fuel taxes.’

The BP Petrol station in Ely, Cambridgeshire, which closed on Sunday morning after it ran out of fuel

Meanwhile, Conservative MP Craig Mackinlay said: “It is now obvious that motorists are being fleeced by the fuel supply chain.

“Wholesale oil prices are way down from historic highs but the price at the pump has moved down by mere buttons.’

It comes as Britain is in the grips of another fuel crisis with one in three petrol stations in the south forced to shut after climate activists caused days of disruption at oil terminals. 

Around 1,200 pumps south of the midlands have been forced to turn away motorists, the Campaign for Fair Fuel has claimed, in the wake of the action by Just Stop Oil. 

The majority of filling stations in Cambridgeshire were either closed or had long queues on Sunday morning as people tried to fill up. (Pictured: Tesco Petrol station in Ely this morning)

This picture shows the queues at the Tesco Petrol station in Ely on Sunday morning

The eco protestors have been targeting oil terminals across the south of the country, including in Hertfordshire, Essex and Warwickshire this morning by locking themselves to pipes.

The action has been blamed for shortages of both petrol and diesel at stations compounding misery for drivers already facing record prices at the pump, reported at over £2 a litre in some areas.

Mass protests have seen over 800 arrests across the country and put a ‘real strain’ on local police services with over 50 more arrests expected today. 

The protests are exacerbating existing supply issues due to increased demand after Covid lockdowns and Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Frustrated drivers have blasted the eco activists for causing ‘misery’ to the lives of ordinary people who need to work and have no alternative but to use their cars. 

Police today also slammed the criminals for putting lives at risk with their ‘exceptionally dangerous’ climate stunts as one force has spent over £1m on policing the protests.

The action at oil terminals is taking place at the same time as climate protests in London, led by Extinction Rebellion, shut down two major bridges in the city.  

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park on Sunday morning before marching into the city centre and ‘occupying’ both Lambeth and Vauxhall bridges – major traffic arteries across the Thames. 

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