Game of Thrones actor dead at 21 – Animal star Bart the Bear II who also appeared in Dr Dolittle 2 dies in Utah

ANIMAL actor Bart the Bear II, who appeared in Game of Thrones and Dr Dolittle 2, passed away at age 21.

Bart, who acquired quite a long list of acting credits throughout his career, passed away peacefully at his home in Heber City, Utah.

The animal's health had been declining over the past year, The New York Post reported.

Bart also appeared in films like Evan Almighty and Into the Wild.

The 1400-pound animal famously portrayed the grizzly that Brienne of Tarth is thrown into a pit with in the third season of Game of Thrones.

Bart also served as an ambassador to grizzly bear habitat conservation-focused group, Vital Ground Foundation, the group’s co-founders wrote in their obituary of the bear.

"Vital Ground is a land trust focused on conserving grizzly bear habitat, preserving genetic corridors for all wildlife and botanicals," the obituary reads.

"Vital Ground also helps prevent conflicts between bears and people."

Other acting credits include An Unfinished Life, Into the West, Have Your Heard About the Morgans?, Without a Paddle, We Bought a Zoo, and more.

Bart also made an appearance in several commercials.

Bart and his sister, Honey Bump, were rescued and brought to Utah after being orphaned after their mother was killed by a hunter in Alaska.

A bear biologist found the two cubs and brought them to the Sues family in Utah, where they found a permanent home.

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