Georgia journalist is immune to ALL known variants of COVID

Georgia journalist is one of few people in world who’s completely immune to ALL known variants of COVID and his blood would still kill virus even if it was diluted by 90%

  • John Hollis, 56, harbors super antigens have give him extreme COVID immunity 
  • His blood can be diluted 10,000 times and will still kill 90% of the virus
  • The bizarre discovery happened when he enlisted in a study on a whim

A journalist in Georgia has discovered he has ‘super blood’ that makes him among the most immune to COVID-19 in the world. 

Tests on John Hollis, 56, revealed that his blood could be diluted 10,000 times and still kill 90 percent of the coronavirus.  

Hollis’ blessing goes further: His antibodies aren’t just present in abundance but their potency appears to not deplete with time. 

He is also immune to all increasingly potent variants of the virus, and scientists think his ‘super power’ could even extend to SARS.

‘My story is a crazy one,’ he said, as he described himself as ‘an outlier of epic proportion’.

Tests on John Hollis, 56, found that his blood could be diluted 10,000 times and still kill 90 percent of the coronavirus

Liotta (pictured) is the co-director of the Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine

According to Hollis he is one of just four people in the world identified as having such exceptional immunity. Nonetheless, scientists have said its possible that as many as 1 in 100 are almost entirely immune to the virus, he said.

Hollis, who is a spokesperson for George Mason University in Virginia, discovered he possessed the rare ‘super antibodies’ in peculiar circumstances. 

‘It’s been a crazy ride,’ he said.   

He was asked in mid-2020 by faculty member Lance Liotta to prepare a press release requesting that people who had been exposed to COVID-19 participate in a study he was carrying out.

Liotta is the co-director of the Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine.

At the end of a 45-minute meeting in Liotta’s office in the beginning of April, Hollis mentioned on a whim that he was surprised he hadn’t contracted COVID despite the fact his roommate had been very unwell with the illness. 

‘I agreed to do it just to say I’d done it,’ Hollis said. 

He had samples of his saliva and blood taken and within two days received a call from Liotta with the shocking news.

Hollis works as a spokesperson for George Mason University in Virginia

Before the discovery Hollis had been anxious that the virus could take his life. He said that he even went so far as to write a letter to his son, 17 at the time, that he gave to his lawyer friend to pass on to his son in the event of his death.

Then things changed. ‘It meant I could get a haircut or get groceries with more confidence because it wasn’t a life-or-death situation,’ he said.

According to Liotta, Hollis had contracted the virus months prior and created powerful antibodies.

In hindsight Hollis recalls waking up in April 2020 with congestion in his nose – he thinks its possible that he had the virus then. That’s when Liotta thinks he created the ‘super antibodies.’

‘Here’s somebody who had very high levels and he never had any real symptomatic COVID,’ Liotta told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where Hollis used to work as a sports journalist.

‘And so that showed me that what we think controls the antibody level might not be what we scientists all thought in the past,’ he said.

At no point did he doubt the legitimacy of Liotta’s findings either. ‘I knew a guy like that wouldn’t call me unless he knew for sure,’ Hollis said of the scientist.

Hollis said that as glad as he is to have such immunity, he hopes that the findings might help others survive COVID.

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