Ghislaine Maxwell’s pals claim she’s not a Cruella de Vil-style ‘evil villain’ despite evidence she was Epstein’s pimp – The Sun

GHISLAINE Maxwell’s pals have said she’s not a Cruella de Vil-style “evil villain” despite evidence she was Jeffrey Epstein’s pimp.

The 58-year-old was arrested in a luxury hideout in Bradford, New Hampshire, last week and charged with conspiring with Epstein to traffic young girls for sex.

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Prosecutor Audrey Strauss slammed her for “playing a critical role in finding and grooming victims”, while scores of Epstein’s victims claim that she acted as his “madam”.

Survivors claim she often drove from his £20million mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, to nearby trailer parks to “procure” vulnerable young girls for the pedo.

Maxwell denies all charges against her.

And unnamed pals have piped up to insist she’s innocent, despite the sick crimes she’s accused of.

One told the Mail on Sunday: “Ghislaine is no Cruella de Vil.

“She is being portrayed as this evil character and a cartoon-like villain but she is nothing like that.

“She is a real person and is determined to prove her innocence despite the fact that she has been characterised as some sort of monster.”


The anonymous friend insisted Maxwell split with ex Epstein in 2001, and hasn’t seen him in person since 2005 – 15 years ago.

They added: “Epstein kept trying to woo her back but she wasn’t interested.”

But the unidentified source admitted she continued to work for the wealthy pedo after that, “hiring” people for him and “managing his household”.

They said: “She hired Epstein’s pool guys, the IT guys.

“She managed his household. They weren’t that close. It was a professional relationship.”

The sex offender negotiated an infamous plea deal in 2008, pleading guilty to two child prostitution charges and serving just 13 months in prison – most on day release.

But Maxwell’s pals claim she didn’t visit him in jail.

And they deny she introduced him to Prince Andrew, who has also found himself in the spotlight over his links to the businessman, but denies all wrongdoing.

They added: “Just wait and see. There is a lot more to come out.”

They also bizarrely said she couldn’t be guilty of the charges against her because she “loves animals”.

The friend said: “She’s adopted a cat and a mutt during the last year.

“She is a loving, kind person who has done none of the things she has been charged with.”

The words will enrage Maxwell’s many accusers and some will see the intervention of her friends as a cynical move.

One of Epstein’s alleged victims, Virginia Roberts, has accused Maxwell of being “worse than Jeffrey” and alleges she used her English accent and charm to “ensnare” vulnerable girls.

Maxwell was transferred to Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center in New York on Monday, four days after her arrest in New Hampshire.

She is due in court via video link on Tuesday, July 14, accused of procuring three underage girls for Epstein between 1994 and 1997 and having sex with them herself.

She has not yet entered a plea but strongly denies any allegations of sexual misconduct made against her.

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