Girl, 3, dies ‘from shaken baby syndrome’ — dad’s girlfriend charged with murder

A three-year-old girl was allegedly shaken to death by her dad’s girlfriend, according to police.

Tragic Hazel Journey Homan died after she was rushed to a Washington state hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain bleed and hypothermia, on November 27.

The tot’s body was also covered in bruises and she had one cigarette burn on her skin, according to local media.

On November 29, the doctor told officers that Hazel had suffered from “shaken baby syndrome”.

Hazel, died the following day.

The tot’s case was first brought to officers’ attention after her dad’s girlfriend Kamee Dixon, 27, called police to report that Hazel had a possible heart attack.

Dixon was later charged with second-degree murder after Hazel’s tragic death.

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She, Hazel and the tot’s dad Brandon had all been living together in Bellingham since June.

According to police reports, investigators believe Dixon abused Hazel for months until her death.

It comes after one of Hazel’s relatives took photographs of the tot in August with bruises and a cigarette burn on her body.

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Later that same month, a friend of the family was at Dixon’s home when Hazel wet herself and the 27-year-old allegedly forced the tot to take a cold shower.

In October, Hazel burned her hand but didn’t see a doctor for about a week and was back seeking medical care for a separate medical burn in her eye almost a month later.

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Despite his girlfriend being arrested, Hazel’s dad did not want to speculate on what had happened.

He did stress, however, that he wanted to uncover the circumstances that led to his daughter’s death.

He added: “This is a tragic situation. I just, more than anyone, I am the father.

“It’s my baby girl, I want answers too. But don’t place blame.”

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