‘Good grief America, have a word with yourselves!’ Nancy Pelosi MOCKED over chaotic speech

Ukraine: Nancy Pelosi discusses no-fly zone on March 9th

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As the veteran politician took questions surrounding the ongoing situation in Ukraine, the senior Democrat muffled words and hesitated over technical terms. Many of the questions focused on the notion of a no-fly zone over Ukraine, as well as the build-up of Russian forces outside Kyiv, resulting in Ms Pelosi admitting she was no military expert.

Taking to Twitter to comment on the lack-lustre performance of the speaker, many questioned her ability to speak publically.

Yvette Henson said: “Good grief America, have a word with yourselves.

“You do realise Planet Earth can see this, right?”

She added: “She looks like she’s doing a puppet show and someone stole her puppets.”

Jessica Hodlr simply said: “Just wow!”

Suggesting Ms Pelosi may have had a heavy lunch, Alex Thorne said: “Why do all of this woman’s interviews play out like a question answered by the weakest link Miss America pageant contestant… after a three-martini lunch?”

Terese Hudson also questioned Ms Pelosi’s demeanour by saying: “And now it’s time for Nancy’s second bottle of wine for the day.”

Tuusey also questioned the delivery of the speech.

They said: “Can I plz have this knowledge too, how to say much so others won’t understand a thing, bless for the gestures.

“I speak English but I couldn’t understand a word what she said.”

Island Owl mocked Ms Pelosi’s military expertise by saying: “I found her gesticulations very helpful.

“Especially the ones that illustrated what missiles do.

“They sort woosh upwards into the sky, just like she demonstrated.

“Bloody clever woman.”

Others questioned the current US leadership on a wider scale.

Katie said: “Is America run by anyone under 75?”

Whilst Michael Brannan said: “In that vast country they have a 79-year-old President and an 81-year-old speaker.

“What is that all about?”

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Ali Ellis added: “Nuts. If ever we needed a strong, effective and vaguely sensible US President it’s now.”

Yet it was not just members of the public laying into Ms Pelosi.

Representative Madison Cawthorn openly told supporters Ms Pelosi has a “drinking problem.”

Mr Cawthorn was heard to have said: “I’ll tell you I have to work with her every single day so please do pray for me.

“The theories of alcoholism are very true and it’s very sad.”

Footage of the comments was posted on Patriot Takes.

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However, it has been announced Ms Pelosi does not in fact drink alcohol.

Her daughter Christine attacked prior slurs about her mom’s alleged alcoholism in 2019, tweeting: “Republicans and their conservative allies have been pumping this despicable fake meme for years!

“Now they are caught.

“FactCheck: Madam Speaker doesn’t even drink alcohol!’

Ending the comments on the performance of Ms Pelosi’s latest video, Neil Ellis also questioned her behaviour.

He said: “Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a bad press call.

“All she needed for the full house of drunken signals was the whistle before the bang.

“Her hands were all over the place.

“Slurred speech, no joined-up thoughts.

“America is lost!”

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