Good news for royal wedding guests who thought they may be eating at McDonald’s

Members of the public with a ‘golden ticket’ to the royal wedding have been told they will NOT have to bring their own picnic as they will be provided with refreshments, Clarence House has confirmed.

Some 1,200 people who have "served their communities" have been invited to the grounds of Windsor Castle to see the royal wedding close up on May 19.

However some claim they’ve been told to bring a picnic to the event as it will not be possible to buy food and drink on site.

But a spokeswoman for Clarence House has said light snacks and drink will be provided for members of the public invited to attend the wedding.

Although she declined to say what the snacks would be, she said it was wrong to say guests would go without being fed if they failed to bring their own food.

And she confirmed the refreshments would be more than a glass of orange squash.

"Of course they will be provided with refreshments," the spokeswoman said.

"It was always our intention to give guests something to eat and drink.

"Suggestions that they were being told to bring their own picnics because they would not be fed are wrong. "

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have invited 2,460 people “to feel part of the celebrations” by standing in the grounds of Windsor Castle on the big day.

However, some guests have expressed their dismay after receiving a letter from the Queen’s lord lieutenants, suggesting that they “bring a picnic lunch as it will not be possible to buy food and drink on site”.

Those invited inside the castle walls include charity workers and others nominated for their bravery or work in the local community.

Saeed Atcha, founder of a youth charity in Bolton, Greater Manchester, told The Guardian that some of the disadvantaged people he worked with were bemused at the lack of hospitality offered by the Royal family.

“They were saying, ‘How come they have this money and you have to bring a picnic?’ I am of the same opinion. It’s unfathomable,” he said.

“There’s a McDonald’s [nearby] but I’m not sure I’ll be able to bring in a Filet meal.”

The wedding is due to begin at noon and be over by 1pm, but members of the public will arrive several hours earlier in order to pass security checks and find a prime spot close to the doors of St George’s Chapel.

The 2,640 crowd granted exclusive access to the grounds will comprise 1,200 members of the public, 1,140 palace staff, 200 people associated with the couple’s favoured charities and 100 local schoolchildren.

There will be 600 guests inside the chapel, who will head to a lunchtime reception in the castle after the ceremony.

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