Grenfell victim's sister says effigy thugs have already faced 'trial by social media' and says cops should be probing fire instead

Noha Maher, 42, who lost her 57-year-old sibling Hesham Rahman in the disaster, was sickened after watching the footage of the thugs joking and laughing about the tragedy.

But she insisted the men have faced a “trial by social media” and has urged police to focus on the “bigger picture” by charging the people whose mistakes resulted in the death of 72 innocent people.

Clinical research scientist Noha, who lived in the tower as a child, told The Sun Online she wants the six men who handed themselves into cops to made to watch “pen portraits” of the 72 people who died as their punishment.

Her brother lived alone on the 23rd floor and Noha added he Grenfell investigation should be the “number one priority” so the families of those affected can get justice.

It comes as Nazir Afzal, chief crown prosecutor for North West England until 2015, said the incident is “probably not a crime”.

Noha, who now lives in Surrey, said: “This has been something of a trial by social media already.

“I feel that individuals mocking our loved ones and disrespecting our loved ones should be held accountable but I want the police to get back to dedicating all of their time to charge those responsible for causing the Grenfell fire.

“The police need to focus on the bigger picture of bringing charges against who specifically killed my brother.

“Every night I try to go to sleep knowing that even 17 months later not one person has been charged.

“We appreciate all that the inquiry has set out to painstakingly reveal, but for the families the wait for justice is taking an eternity.

“Surely there is a way police time and resources can be used to bring justice in a quicker, yet thorough, manner."

Noha, a mum-of-two, now wants the men who were involved in the sick bonfire night stunt to look at photographs of the victims to reflect on how many people they have hurt.

She added: "I would like them to be sat down and made to watch the pen portraits of the 72 people who died including my wonderful brother, my closest friend, who I miss with every breath of every day.

“Prioritising the Grenfell investigation is number one for us though.”

The shocking video, filmed at Clifford Smith’s home in South Norwood, South London, on Saturday night sparked fury around the world.

Smith, 49, and five others handed themselves into cops after footage showed them laughing and mocking the Grenfell tragedy.

But former chief crown prosecutor Mr Afzal has said that the incident is "probably not a crime".

He told The Times: “As abhorrent and disgusting as it is, it is probably not criminal.

"I can’t for the life of me see how [a crime] is made out on what I’ve seen so far.”

Meanwhile, neighbours who live in the shadow of Grenfell Tower today questioned whether the men should receive a custodial sentence for what they did.

Fiona Withey, 45, told The Sun Online: "It’s a despicable thing to do, abhorrent. If they were kids I would put it down to youthful stupidity, but they are my age.

“I think they should be prosecuted but whether they should get a custodial sentence I don’t know. They should be questioned thoroughly on why they thought that was an acceptable thing to do."

It comes as the group of friends, who go fishing together, were quizzed by cops last night on suspicion of causing harassment, alarm or distress.

Paul Bussetti, 46, handed himself into cops with Smith and his 19-year-old son Bobbi Connell after footage went viral.

A sign reading "The Bussetti Family: Party Animals" was fixed on the wall of his £500,000 house – which is one street away from Smith’s home.

One source said: "Paul should know better. His dad was murdered in a horrific attack and put in a suitcase. He himself should know how it feels to lose someone.

"They are racists. They are lager louts, scumbags. EDL wannabes."

It has now emerged that Daniella's boyfriend, 19-year-old Trent Bogle, is the latest man to hand himself into cops – bringing the total number of those arrested to six.

Steven Bull, 55, is understood to have made the effigy with his partner – believed to be a teacher.

Footage shows Bull lifting the tower on to a bonfire with a blonde woman before a voice says: "We've definitely got the winner."

The three-minute clip shows a group laughing at the model, which has “Grenfell Tower” written on the top and paper figures waving for help in the windows.

Fishing pal Mark Russell, 49, and Bull were named being in the video but it was unclear if they have been arrested.

Connell’s mum Louise Connell, 40, broke down in tears last night as she slammed the stunt “disgusting”.

Seventy-two people died when the tower block burnt in Kensington, West London, last year.

Survivor Rita Tankarian, 66, who escaped from the 17th floor of the burning tower, said the video brought back “horrendous memories”.

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