Grieving mum has casts made of her hands so she can hold stillborn baby forever

A devastated mum whose daughter was stillborn has had casts made of her own hands – so she can hold her in her coffin forever.

Kim Stephens gave birth to tragic daughter Olivia-Rose two days after being told everything was ok during a private scan, the Plymouth Herald reports.

Kim, 36, was 32 weeks pregnant when Olivia-Rose was born, and yesterday the infant was laid to rest at a funeral in Plymouth.

The casts were made so the baby could be hugged forever.

Kim also asked the public to "blow a kiss" or wave to her baby girl as she goes past on her funeral procession.

She said: "I had casts made of my own hands so they can be wrapped around her, so I can cuddle her forever."

Kim added: "On March 1, our lives were shattered when our beautiful baby girl was born sleeping.

"We are so heartbroken."

Olivia-Rose was taken in a horse drawn carriage for her funeral wearing a gown made from parts of Kim’s friend’s wedding dress – which was made by a lady who makes "angel dresses" for babies born sleeping.

Bows and wristbands were also made for Kim and her partner Si Down’s three children, Jordan, 18, Ellianna, eight and Imogen-Grace, six.

Kim said that all of her children are "absolutely heartbroken" and before the funeral she added: "It would mean so much to us also if as she passes you could blow her a kiss or give her a wave, so when she’s looking down on us, she can see all the love people have for her."

Kim’s friends have set up a crowdfunder for baby Olivia-Rose which will be split between Ava’s Fund and Little Things and Co, who focus on bereavement care.

If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can do so by clicking here .

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