Groundbreaking NHS treatment will cure thousands of men's enlarged prostates — and it's safer than the op

The technique sees hundreds of tiny plastic beads injected into the groin to block the blood supply so the gland shrinks.

It could help the quarter of men over 50 who suffer from an enlarged prostate, which leads to ­bladder issues and repeat trips to the loo.

Every year, around 45,000 men need an operation to treat an enlarged prostate.

As well as being painful and invasive, surgery can affect fertility and even cause impotence and incontinence.

The £2,500 procedure — prostate artery embolisation — is done under local anaesthetic and could also end the need for surgery that can affect fertility and cause impotence.

NHS watchdog NICE has now approved it for routine use.

Professor Kevin Harris, from the NHS drugs organisation, said: “It could make a real ­difference to the lives of men up and down the country.”

Half of blokes over 50 have an enlarged prostate but mild symptoms cen be controlled by drugs.

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