Half-naked man filmed lowering ‘lover’ from balcony as ‘girlfriend’ storms house

Bizarre footage has captured a half-naked man lowering his apparent lover from a balcony moments after his fuming girlfriend stormed the house.

The clip, filmed in Colombia, has been seen more than 11 million times since being posted to Twitter on September 7.

It begins with a young woman hammering on the front door of the property and shouting: “Open up, son of a b*tch. I know you’re in there open up.

“This is the last time you do this to me.”

A half-naked man then appears on the second-floor balcony before darting back inside as the woman manages to get into the house.

As the angry woman storms upstairs, the man re-emerges with his half-naked lover, who appears to have dwarfism.

He then lowers her down to two onlookers who decide to help.

But the baffling scenes aren’t over. The so-called girlfriend comes back outside and ask those watching where the other woman is.

His lover, meanwhile, tries to escape the scene inside a cardboard box.

But the girlfriend notices the moving box after the mistress, blinded inside the box, walks into a parked car.

She then throws off the box and scarpers down the street.

Onlookers laugh as the girlfriend gives chase and the pair is seen disappearing at the end of the road.

The footage has sparked debate online, with some feeling sympathy for the girlfriend.

Others, though, were convinced the whole scenario was so bonkers that it must have been staged.

It comes after a woman took to Reddit to reveal how she had caught her “cheating” mum taking nudes.

She confessed: “I saw my mother through a bathroom-window hole taking nudes.

“My dad tries his best to love my mum but my mum hates him.

"I guess she doesn't respond to his love and finds him bad. But my dad is innocent and just plainly loves her.”

She asked the internet whether she should tell her dad – with responses mixed.

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