Harrowing footage shows South Carolina student enter her alleged killer’s car

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This is the fateful moment that a New Jersey co-ed left a South Carolina bar and mistakenly got into what she thought was her Uber — putting her in the hands of a killer who trapped her inside with the vehicle’s child-safety locks, authorities say.

Surveillance video shows Samantha Josephson, 21, jogging off the curb of a Columbia, SC, sidewalk early Friday after a night out with friends to meet an approaching Chevy Impala that she mistook for her ride-share.

Josephson — a Robbinsville, NJ, native studying political science at the University of South Carolina — is seen opening the rear passenger-side door, climbing in and closing it behind her.

But the car in fact belonged to Nathaniel David Rowland, who allegedly locked Josephson inside, killed her and dumped her body in a wooded area near his rural home, where it was found by two hunters. The accused psycho used the car’s child-safety locks to trap her, Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook told USA Today.

Authorities have refused to divulge how Josephson died, although police records show she had injuries to her head and neck, according to USA Today.

Cops conducting traffic stops in the wake of the grim discovery of the college senior’s body pulled over Rowland and reportedly found Josephson’s blood in his car.

Rowland, 24, took off running from the cops but was nabbed and charged with kidnapping and murder.

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