Harvard grad says she lost Deloitte job after TikTok ‘joke’ threatening to stab anyone who says ‘All Lives Matter’ – The Sun

THE Harvard graduate who jokingly threatened to stab anyone who says “All Lives Matter” in a TikTok video has said she has lost her job.

Claira Janover made the announcement through two new videos posted on Wednesday afternoon.

"Standing up for Black Lives Matter put me in a place online to be seen by millions of people," she said in tears.

"The job that I’d worked really hard to get and meant a lot to me has called me and fired me because of everything."

Her LinkedIn profile listed that her current job was as an "incoming government and public business service analyst" at UK-based accounting firm Deloitte.

She went on to say that she was dismissed "even though they claim to stand against systematic bias, racism and unequal treatment."

The Sun has approached Deloitte for comment.

Janover then released a second video, where she blamed supporters of President Donald Trump for her losing her job.

"Trump supporters took my job away from me. I have gotten death threats, rape threats, violent threats.

"It was OK, but now my future's entirely compromised because Trump supporters have decided to come for my life."

As she continued to cry, the young woman said that losing her job "doesn't suck as much as systemic racism."

"I'm too strong for you. I'm too strong for any of you 'All Lives Matter,' racist Trump supporters.

"It sucks. But it doesn’t suck as much as systemic racism. And I’m not going to stop using my platform to advocate for it."

Speaking directly about her former employer, she said: "I'm sorry, Deloitte, that you can't see that.

"That you were cowardice [sic] enough to fight somebody who’s going to make an indelible change in the world and is going to have an impact."

Since the second set of videos were posted, Deloitte has become the target of internet trolls.

One Twitter user wrote: "@Deloitte yall aint s**t. Racism is an illness. Yall are sick."

Another wrote: "@Deloitte never heard of ur company but congrats on looking s**tty by firing a young woman who spoke up against racism and discrimination. do better #ClairaJanover."

Claira Janover initially came under fire for the satirical clip, which she posted on June 5 but has since been deleted.

“The next person who has the sheer nerve, the sheer entitled ‘caucasity,’ to say ‘All Lives Matter,’ Imma stab you,” she said in the video, which has under 3,000 likes.

The slang term “caucasity” is used to describe someone using the “audacity of white privilege.”

She then went on to say that a knife cut to Black people is like a paper cut to white people.

“Imma stab you. And while you’re struggling and bleeding out, I’m gonna show you my paper cut and say, ‘My cut matters, too.’”

The comments on Janover’s video were mixed, with many saying that “All Lives Matter” and to “bring it on.”

“All lives matter, here ya go,” one TikTok user wrote alongside a knife emoji.

“All Lives Matter!!! What you gonna do???” another person said.

Another added: “all lives matter miss claira from Harvard ….looks like someone is a little privileged.”

After she posted the video, Janover later commented: “For legal reasons this is a joke.”

In recent days, Janover has posted new videos of people criticizing her “All Lives Matter” video.

She said the “Department of Homeland Security might be monitory [her] name right now” because of “‘Trump Twitter’ sending [her] death threats.”

“They found this video of mine which was clearly a joke,” Janover said, referring to the clip she posted on June 5.

“An analogist joke — that ‘Trump Twitter’ thought was real."

Janover continued: “People are like reporting me for domestic terrorism, tagging the FBI, Harvard, Cambridge police. Apparently, I’m threatening the lives of people.”

“Unlike cops, obviously,” she said. “Now I’m a public threat!”

“Anyway, so if I get an email from the Department of Homeland Security, or if I get kicked out of Harvard, or if I get arrested or whatever, or I get murdered according to the many death threats I’m receiving right now, know that I appreciate you guys standing up for me.”

“All Lives Matter” is a counter-slogan to the Black Lives Matter movement, and critics say that the phrase means those who say it are dismissive of racial issues.

According to Janover’s LinkedIn profile, she graduated Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in government and psychology.

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