Headteacher bans fake tan to stop his pupils turning up ‘orange’

Headteacher of a leading comprehensive school bans fake tan to stop his pupils turning up ‘orange’

  • Matthew Hardwick is trying to make the school the ‘best in the country’ 
  • Unnaturally tanned students at Ulverston Victoria High School will breach rules
  • Some parents accused the Cumrbian school of damaging girls’ self-esteem  

A headmaster at a leading comprehensive has banned his pupils from using fake tan in an attempt make it ‘the best school in the county’.

Matthew Hardwick informed parents at the 1,300-pupil Ulverston Victoria High School in Cumbria that any unnaturally tanned students will be breaching uniform policy.

One 18-year-old pupil said: ‘Quite a lot of girls in the lower school are fairly orange. The school wanted them to tone it down a bit.’

Matthw Hardwick, headmaster of Ulverston Victoria High School in Cumbria, has warned that any unnaturally tanned students will be breaching uniform policy

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But Mr Hardwick, who took charge on January 1 with a mission to improve the school, has faced criticism online for his hardline policy.

Some parents have accused the school of potentially damaging girls’ self-esteem, particularly in an age where fake tans are so common on programmes like Love Island.

Gill Turner posted: ‘Lots of kids have total body confidence issues, if a bit of fake tan makes them feel better about themselves then surely this helps with concentration?’

Inevitably, another claimed: ‘What about a person’s human rights… Ridiculous’

The oversubscribed school, which teaches children from 11-18, yesterday defended the ban.

Assistant head Richard Butler said: ‘Some pupils had gone beyond what was acceptable and we wanted to reinforce our no make-up policy, which includes fake tan. We have had support from parents and there have been no objections lodged.’

The school, which was once in special measures, is rated ‘good’ by Ofsted and received ‘outstanding’ ratings.

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