Headteacher tells moaning parents to ‘do teacher training’ in scathing letter

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A headteacher has been praised for telling grumbling parents to "do a teacher training course" in a sternly-worded letter that's gone viral.

Colin Dowlan stepped in as his staff were bombarded with "highly critical" messages after lockdown forced lessons online.

The head of Woodridge Primary school in North London even included a cheeky UCAS link for mums and dads who thought they could do the job, the Sun reports.

He wrote: “A number of parents have taken advantage of this new access to send highly critical messages of advice to teachers about how to do their jobs and questioning their training, skills and competence.

“Can I encourage all those particular parents, who now consider themselves to be educational experts, to sign up for teacher training at their earliest convenience, since there are never enough teachers and I suspect many will be leaving the profession after this year.

"I will also update you if we have any teaching vacancies at Woodridge over the next few weeks, which if such messages continue, I am thoroughly expecting.”

Colin has been lauded for sticking up for teachers during the pandemic earlier this week as his letter racked up 11,000 likes on Twitter.

One person commented: “Amazing! Great to see management stand up for their staff!”

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Another wrote: “Wow – that takes some guts to send that out!”

A third thought: “Love it !!!!! I’m saddened that in these times parents aren’t more supportive of teachers who are doing their absolute best under the circumstances. Good for the author of the letter to make a stand.”

An fourth commented: “Crikey! You can feel the emotion coming from this head teacher can’t you? He’s made his point very well. It must be so utterly frustrating to have parents criticising his hard working staff. Good on him.”

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The letter has been confirmed as genuine by the school.

Colin, who has said humour was a powerful tool to get an important message across, told the Times Educational Supplement: “I have had so many supportive emails from parents since the letter went out, and the truth is parents who are happy with things don’t usually email the school, but they have today.

"I’ve had a deluge of lovely emails from parents thanking us for what we are doing and apologising on behalf of other parents who might have not taken a moment before firing off an email or a message.”

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