Heartbroken husband says he ‘died as well’ after wife crushed to death in storm

A man whose wife was crushed to death by a tree during Storm Eunice has paid an emotional tribute to her and spoken about his pain at losing his “inseparable” partner.

Juliana Quieroz Murilo, 37, was sitting in her husband Carlos’ taxi when the tree came down during the wild storm.

Despite efforts by paramedics to save her, Juliana died at the scene.

Carlos, 39, has now told the Evening Standard: “In many ways, I died as well – we were inseparable.”

He said Juliana, a cleaner who was training to be a teacher, was “sweet, adorable, friendly and perfect”.

The tree smashed onto the passenger side of his silver Honda in Muswell Hill Road, north London when the wild weather struck.

“Suddenly, there was a crash and the tree crushed the roof. It landed mainly on my wife,” the heartbroken cabbie said.

“I was conscious but in a daze. A woman came and held my hand and spoke to me.

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“I was cut out of the wreckage and taken to an ambulance. They told me my wife was dead. I’m heartbroken. I can’t get the scene out of my head.”

Carlos, who had just picked up Juliana from her job as a house cleaner in Camden when the tragedy happened, said he and his wife “loved each other so much” that it was like they were one person.

The couple were originally from Brazil and had been married for 15 years.

Carlos said: “I always drive her home. I wanted her to be safe, especially with the high winds. I can’t believe what has happened. How could this happen?

“We were so close. She had never learned to swim because she was scared but I taught her last year and we celebrated by travelling to Menorca to swim in the sea.

“I called her ‘My little fish’. I loved her so much.”

Storm Eunice claimed four lives as it stormed across Britain and Ireland at the end of last week, with wind gusts reaching 122mph.

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