Help a child in poverty get a good night's sleep by supporting our Beds for Kids campaign

There are 400,000 children in the UK who do not have a bed of their own.

Without somewhere to rest their head, bedtime routines become difficult, stress levels rise and getting a good night’s sleep is near to impossible.

Over the last five years, Dreams Beds have provided Buttle UK with nearly 10,000 children’s beds to donate to those families in desperate need — more than ever before.

Shockingly, the number of beds supplied during those five years has risen by 77 per cent.

These shocking statistics will come as no surprise to desperate mums and dads in crisis who have turned to charity Buttle UK and their Chances for Children campaign for support.

Over the last ten years, the grant-giving charity has been a lifeline to thousands of families and young people in need.

Now The Sun and Dreams Beds is launching a Beds For Kids campaign and you can help.


EMILIA slept in her mother’s bed for more than two years and was often late for school after a restless night’s sleep in a cramped bed.

But in November 2017, Buttle UK delivered a brand new bed and mattress to the family home in Lambeth, South London, where seven-year-old Emilia lives with Lottie Woodman, 45, a mum-of-three.


There are two ways you can support our Beds for Kids campaign.


You can donate directly to the charity through the Beds for Kids page HERE or via your Sun Savers wallet.

From May 14 you can also buy a copy of the specially created storybook ‘That’s No Place to Sleep’, telling the story of Sleepy Simon’s quest for a bed to sleep in.

All proceeds go straight to the charity and you can buy a copy in all Dreams Beds stores.

Find your nearest Dreams Beds store HERE.

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