Hero German Shepherd leads police to owner’s crashed car and helps save 2 people

A German Shepherd has been branded a hero after she alerted police to her owners crashed car and helped save two people.

Tinsley the dog was spotted on the Veteran's Memorial Bridge, located on Interstate 89, on the border of New Hampshire and Vermont, after her owner Cam Laundry, 31, was left injured from a crash.

New Hampshire State Police were called to reports that there was a dog on the loose but were unaware at the time that two people needed to be rescued.

A police officer named Trooper Sandberg responded to the report along with other officers from the Lebanon Police Department on January 3.

But the cops were unable to reach the dog as she continued to run northbound on Interstate when they tried to apprehend it, eventually crossing into Vermont.

They followed Tinsley, and a short while later, they noticed that there was a damaged section of guardrail near the junction between Interstate 89 and Interstate 91.

This is when they noticed that there was a badly damaged pickup truck that had rolled over, with the police realising as they investigated further that "both occupants of the pickup truck had been ejected from the vehicle and were hypothermic and seriously injured".

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The police quickly called for medical backup and they then found out that the dog, named Tinsley, actually belonged to one of the injured people in the pickup truck.

The police said that it quickly became apparent to Trooper Sandberg and to the Lebanon police officers that Tinsley had led them to the scene of the crash and to her injured owner Cam.

The occupants of the vehicle were rushed to hospital. There have been no further updates on their condition.

Tinsley did not appear to have been injured in the crash. It is currently unclear what caused the pickup truck to crash.

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