Hero postie rescues driver from crashed car days after colleague slammed for leaving OAP hurt in snow

A HERO postie has been praised for dragging a driver to safety from a crashed car.

Tim Lowe was heading back to the depot after finishing his rounds when the car in front of him clipped a 4×4 and flipped on its roof.

The quick-thinking dad-of-two raced over to help the driver, who was trapped inside the mangled car, and managed to pull him to safety.

His heroic actions come just days after fellow postie Thomas McCafferty was slammed for leaving a crying pensioner in the snow as he was "too knackered" to help.

Tim, 33, from Wolverhampton, told The Sun Online: "I just sprung into action and rushed over to check the driver was OK and had no injuries.

"His door was jammed so I bust it open and managed to pull him out.

"To be honest, I wasn't really thinking and just went into auto-pilot. I probably should have checked the car wasn't about to blow up or anything but the guy needed my help so I gave it to him.

"Your instinct just sort of takes over and you're in the moment too much to think about your own safety.

"He was so grateful for the help and wanted to give me a hug to say thanks but obviously couldn't because of Covid. He was just a really nice bloke so it made me feel good to help him out."

Tim posted a photo of the car on its roof on his Facebook page after the drama unfolded yesterday afternoon.

He says he wanted to show "not all posties are bad" after McCafferty watched 72-year-old Patricia Stewart fall during the coldest February since 1955 without helping,

Shocking footage showed the 51-year-old looking down at the gran-of-two saying "I can't help you pal", despite her pleas for assistance.

McCafferty, who is not the pensioner's regular postman, is then seen walking away from her home in Bainsford, Falkirk.

He didn't even bother to alert neighbours before he carried on with his rounds and hasn't apologised.

Tim said: "Ninety-nine per cent of posties will help anyone who needs it – especially when we're on duty and wearing the uniform.

"I think people recognise it and it makes them feel safe so we have a responsibility.

"I don't want to slate the guy who left the woman on the ground as he may have been having a bad day, which I know doesn't make it ok.

"I just want people to know not all posties are like that and the majority of us would help you if you needed it without a second thought.

"It's not just about delivering letters.

"Work is obviously tough for us at the moment because of Covid so when you do something like helping someone it makes it all worth it."

Tim is now enjoying reading "well done" messages from family and friends following his heroics.

And he has also praised the emergency services for their quick response to the crash with the driver thankfully not more injured.

He said: "My daughters are both too young to understand what their daddy did but I'll make sure I tell them when they're older.

"My wife is also a postie but currently on maternity leave. She was really proud but a bit worried when she found out and wanted to know if I was OK.

"I think she's forgiven me now though."

Royal Mail have now thanked Tim for his heroic actions.

A spokesperson said: "Every day we receive reports of our people going above and beyond in the communities they serve.

"We are thankful to the postmen involved for acting with such care and professionalism in unprecedented circumstances.

"We are proud of the work our people do in the community, which often goes far beyond simply delivering mail and parcels."

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