Hiker, 54, crawls ‘carrying’ broken leg for TWO DAYS after bone ‘clean snapped in half’ in 20ft Australian waterfall plunge – The Sun

A HIKER crawled for two days with a broken leg and fractured wrist to reach safety after he fell down a waterfall while walking on a mountain in Australia.

Neil Parker, 54, was walking on Mount Nebo, 20 miles west of Brisbane, when he slipped leaving his wrist broken and lower leg "clean snapped in half".

The experienced hiker and guide said he tried to phone for help but his mobile had been damaged in the fall so decided the best way to get help was by crawling.

He said he use hiking poles as a splint and then began "scrambling and lifting, inch-by-inch" to get two miles to a clearing where he could be spotted.

“I climbed the waterfall many times before (but) with it being so dry and the lime on the rock, slipped,” said Mr Parker, speaking from his hospital bed.

“I caught myself but I had too much momentum and over I went. I slid about 20 feet, cartwheeled and slammed into the rock and then landed in the creek on the bottom.

“I went to put my phone into my pocket and missed and into the drink. Now my phone is gone and I thought, 'the only way to get rescued is self rescue'.

"Straight away, I thought, 'I'm now in a lot of trouble because no-one knows where I am.”


Parker said painkillers and protein bars he had packed for his hike had helped him survive the painful and painstaking journey.

In the meantime his family, with the help of the Brisbane Bushwalkers community, launched a search party on Monday.

"I could only get a metre or a metre-and-a-half each time before I had to stop," he said.
"What took me 40 minutes to walk up took me nearly two days to crawl back down."

"I had to carry my leg – and legs are very heavy when they're not connected to anything – and [I was] trying to pick it up and get over rock and then use this elbow and this arm and just constantly struggling.”

The said thinking of his family gave him the mental strength to keep going, saying: "I wanted to be around for my kids."

In 2003, climber Aron Ralston chopped off his own arm after is became trapped beneath an 800lb boulder in a crevice in a remote Utah canyon.
A helicopter arrived as he was on the point of death after pulling himself out of the crevice, abseiling down a rock and walking for seven miles in the heat with his crudely amputated arm.

Just ten days after his ordeal, he resumed climbing again using an artificial limb and in 2005 became the first person to solo climb all of Colorado’s 59 peaks over 14,000ft during winter.

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