Hilarious moment little kid FREAKS OUT on roller coaster

Hilarious moment little kid FREAKS OUT on roller coaster… before telling his mom he wants to do it all over again

  • Kristin Nicolan recorded her son Chase as they rode The Barnstormer roller coaster together at Disney World earlier this month
  • Footage of the youngster’s screams of terror during the ride is going viral 
  • Despite Chase’s apparent terror,  he appears to be quite the thrill-seeker and is seen at the end of the video begging his mom to take the roller coaster again  

A mom has recorded her son’s hilarious reaction as they rode a roller coaster together at Disney World in Orlando, Florida earlier this month. 

In the short clip doing the rounds on the internet, Kristin Nicolan and her son Chase can be seen sitting together on The Great Goofini’s Barnstormer as it begins to ascend.   

The youngster appears ecstatic at the outset of the ride, exclaiming: ‘Here we go!’

Chase Nicolan appeared to be very excited during his day out at Disney World, giving a beaming smile as he rode the roller coaster with mom Kristin

Filming her son on a selfie mode setting, Kristin can be heard replying ‘You’ve been waiting for this all day!’ 

‘Up! Up! Up!’ Chase chants as the theme park ride climbs higher and higher. 

Once the coaster reaches the summit, he then states: ‘We’re going down!’

As the ride takes a sudden plunge, Chase’s hair flies back and he begins to let out a long and exaggerated wail.  

The youngster was seen looking absolutely terrified as he let out a gigantic wail during the ride’s descent

Looking absolutely terrified, he continues his lengthy howl as the roller coaster twists and turns during its descent. 

Despite his sheer terror, it seems Chase is quite the thrill-seeker, with the child appearing disappointed when the ride comes to an end. 

‘I want to do it again mommy!’ he pleads, as Kristin laughs and snuggles up to her son.

The Great Goofini’s Barnstormer is one of Disney World’s popular rides for children

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