Horrifying moment street performer’s fireball hits toddler’s pram in crowd

This is the horrifying moment a street performer’s fireball flew into a crowd and hit a toddler’s pram.

Video captured the terrifying moment the fuel-socked ‘fire poi’ spun from the performer’s hand and landed among the crowd at last weekend’s Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza in the Welsh seaside resort.

Organisers later described it as a ‘freak accident’.

Mum Jennifer Marie Williams, from Llandudno, was watching the act outside Marks & Spencer with her daughters Maisie and Esme when the fireball bounced off her pram with two-year-old son Henry inside.

She said: “My two-year-old son came inches from being burnt in his pram. It hit the front of his pram and landed still on fire on the floor.

“If I had been one step ahead it would have landed on top of him.”

Mrs Williams said she had yet to receive an apology from the organisers despite leaving a statement and her contact details.

Chris Williams, of event organisers HTC Entertainment, said: “An investigation is already under way as to what happened.

"We are gutted that it happened and very thankful no one was hurt in what was a freak accident.

“Medics were on hand in case anything went wrong.

“The entertainer has performed all over the world thousands of times and nothing like this has ever happened before during one of his acts.

“He’s a very experienced performer, and was very shaken up after what happened.

“I haven’t managed to contact Mrs Williams yet as we are still tying loose ends and are waiting to do a debrief.

“When I had heard it happened I went to the scene immediately, but the woman and her kids had already gone.”

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