How many children does Kayleigh McEnany have?

PRESIDENT Trump’s Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has one daughter with husband Sean Gilmartin.

Their daughter, Blake Avery Gilmartin was born in November of last year. 

Who is Kayleigh McEnany?

Kayleigh McEnany, 32, hails from Tampa, Florida.

She majored in international politics at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Washington DC, and spent a year studying at St Edmund Hall, a college of Oxford University in England.

McEnany then attended the University of Miami School of Law, before transferring to Harvard Law School in Massachusetts, receiving her Juris Doctor degree (JD) in May 2017.

While in high school and college, McEnany interned for a number of politicians, including George W Bush, and also worked in the White House Office of Communications.

She had also volunteered with the Bush/Cheney campaign in 2004 while she was a high school sophomore, which landed her the internship with Bush.

Upon graduating, she joined the Mike Huckabee Show as a producer, and then left to pursue a career as a political commentator, appearing on CNN as a co-host on panel show "The Point."

In 2017, after showing her support for President Trump a number of times on CNN, McEnany was appointed national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee.

On April 7, 2020, McEnany was named the new White House press secretary, replacing Stephanie Grisham.

Who is her husband?

McEnany’s husband, Sean Gilmartin is an American professional baseball player.

Sean got his first offer to play baseball out of high school in 2008, however he chose to attend college at Florida State University.

Following that Sean spent four years playing in the minor leagues.

On November 2, 2020, he became a free agent.

Did Kayleigh McEnany test positive for coronavirus?

McEnany tested positive for coronavirus on October 5.

She wrote in a statement that "as an essential worker, I have worked diligently to provide needed information to the American People at this time."

She quarantined and continued her press secretary duties "remotely."

Just two weeks after her diagnosis, she shared a photo on social media of her kissing her daughter Blake saying: “Blessed to be COVID clear!”

What did she say about Trump and a ‘second inauguration?’

McEnany bizarrely said that Trump will “attend his own inauguration because he’s getting a second term" despite losing the presidential election to Joe Biden.

When asked by Fox Business whether or not President Trump will attend Joe Biden’s January 20 inauguration, McEnany told the press, “I think the president will attend his own inauguration. He would have to be there, in fact.”

Adding: “Again, you know that’s many steps away here, we're talking January and President Trump believes he will be President Trump, and have a second term.

"Litigation is the first step, many steps away from that.”

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