How old is Crede Bailey?

DONALD Trump's White House security director has lost his lower leg and right foot after getting Covid-19 at the infamous Rose Garden event.

Bailey, the White House Security Office director, was the most severely ill of people who contracted the virus from a "super spreader" event celebrating Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court.

How old is Crede Bailey?

There is not much official information on mr Bailey's personal life and age.

However, newspaper reports state is 54-years-old, meaning he may have been born in 1966.

Details around his family and relatiuonships is sparse.

But it has been reported Mr Bailey is married and the couple have a child together.

What is Crede Bailey's job at the White House?

Crede Bailey is White House Chief Security Officer and has held the position since June 2018.

Mr Bailey works for the Office of Administration (OA) and is tasked with handling all security.

These esponsibilities include managing personnel security, physical security, and HSPD-12.

His family asked the Trump administration not to publicize his condition, and the president has never admitted Bailey's illness.

What happened during his covid battle?

Mr Bailey has spent nearly three months in hospital after being hit with coronavirus.

But during his lengthy battle with the virus, he lost a toe and had his whole lower leg and foot amputated.

Crede Bailey was among officials reportedly connected to cluster outbreaks at the White House that began in September.

Around 50 office staffers and officials have tested positive for the disease caused by the coronavirus.

President Trump himself was also hospitalised for three days.

Bailey will be fitted for a prosthetic leg in the upcoming months while he is resting at a rehabilitation cennter.

What is the GoFund me campaign?

Dawn McCrobie organised a GoFundMe campaign to assist with healthcare costs.

The campaign has raised more than $37,000, as of Monday.

He is “doing well – he is working hard on himself and is anxious to return home as soon as he is physically able,” according to an update posted on Monday (December 14, 2020).

Following Bloomberg’s report on December 14, an update on the GoFundMe campaign advised family members and contributors to the fundraiser to avoid speaking with journalists: "It’s obvious that Crede has lots of support and while there are others out there who may seek or desire the media’s attention, that’s not the case here!

"Per Crede’s wishes, please let the media tell their story without your input.

“His family has staggering medical bills from a hospital stay of 2+ months and still counting in the ICU and a long road ahead in rehab before he can go home,” according to an update from November 13.

“When he does make it home there will be major changes necessary to deal with his new, and permanent, disability."

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