How old would James Bulger be now, who are his parents Ralph Bulger and Denise Fergus and does he have any brothers or sisters?

TRAGIC Jamie Bulger was snatched and killed by two schoolboys in a horrific crime that shocked the nation.

The two-year-old was led to his death in Bootle, Merseyside, on February 12, 1993, by depraved Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. We reveal everything.

Who was Jamie Bulger?

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were only 10-years-old when they became the country’s youngest murderers in 250 years.

Little James was led away by the depraved duo while his mother was in a butcher's shop at the busy shopping centre.

A picture taken from CCTV footage shows the tot being taken by the hand in what would become one of the defining images of the shocking case.

The killers walked James for two and half miles and were spotted by 38 people – some of whom challenged the pair.

Venables and Thompson told passers-by that the distressed toddler was their younger brother or that he was lost and they were taking him to a local police station.

The pair took James to a railway line and tortured, beat and sexually assaulted him.

They poured modelling paint into his eyes, stoned him and clubbed him with bricks and dropped a 22lb iron bar on him.

Twisted Venables and Thompson then weighted his head down with rubble and lay him across railway tracks hoping he would be hit by a train to make the murder look like an accident.

Jamie, who suffered 42 injuries in total, was sliced in half by a train and his body discovered two days later.

How old would James Bulger be now?

The tragic tot was born on March 16, 1990, in Merseyside.

He was killed on February 12, 1993 – a month before his third birthday.

James would now be 29 years old.

Who are his parents Denise Fergus and Ralph Bulger?

The couple split after the tragedy but both tirelessly fought against their son's killers being given anonymity and a new identity.

Ralph pleaded with authorities on February 7, 2018, to unmask Venables before he can claim any more victims.

Venables – now in his mid-30s – was sent back to prison for three years and four months after admitting having more than 1,000 indecent images of children aged 6-13.

Ralph said giving him lifelong anonymity was “a failed experiment” and claimed the authorities could not manage him in the community.

His solicitor Robin Makin said: “We are immensely concerned about the danger that Jon Venables would pose if he is released again.

“Due to his innate nature, there has to be a fundamental reassessment of the injunction order.

“It not only affects James’ family but the general public as well – and it involves astronomical amounts of money.

“It seems to be perfectly obvious that Jon Venables can’t cope living the lie and the authorities haven’t been able to manage him in the community.

“He’s already reverted to committing further offences and we have to wonder where this is going to lead.”

Denise released a book called I Let Him Go to mark the 25th anniversary of her son's death.

The book, which was released on January 25, 2018, is a heart-breaking account of how she is haunted by the events of that day.

Does James Bulger have any brothers or sisters?

James has a brother Michael, who Denise was pregnant with at the time of the trial while still married to Ralph.

He spoke out in 2013, saying: "It upsets me to think that two ten-year-olds could do that to my brother. I will never understand it and I can never forgive them, but I am not consumed with hate or thoughts of revenge.

"I just want to get on with my life and look to the future, not the past. I don’t want to sink to their level."

Denise met electrician Stuart Fergus when Michael was two and they married in 1998.

They had two sons together called Thomas and Leon.

Meanwhile, in 2013, Ralph's partner Natalie McDermott gave birth to a baby girl.

The pair chose not to reveal her name but use the nickname "Princess".

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