How to prepare for big freeze as ‘Beast from the East 2021’ nears Britain

Weather forecasters are warning Brits could see another instalment of the 'Beast from the East' within the next few weeks.

The UK could see severe winter weather bringing heavy snow and a big freeze.

The original Beast from the East brought 20cm of snow, -15C icy conditions and caused disruption up and down the country almost three years ago.

The same conditions that caused the weather event – a 'sudden stratospheric warming' – are occurring above the Arctic, writes The Mirror.

It means winds in the polar vortex could change direction and cold air from Siberia may sweep across the UK.

It can take two weeks for the effects of 'sudden stratospheric warming' to be felt.

The Met Office states there is no guarantee Brits will see the same devastating conditions like they did three years ago, but "there are similar ingredients to what we had then".

Heavy snow could fall across the country, with treacherous icy patches on the roads and temperatures plummeting below -10C.

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Forecasters have advised Brits how to protect their homes during the freeze.

People can take these steps to ensure they're not caught out if severe weather hits, according to British Gas engineer Hannah Hughes.

Ms Hughes said: "Now is the time to test your boiler and make a few small changes around the home to ensure your heating and hot water systems are ready to withstand the weather that’s coming."

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She also advised to check your home of gaps where heat can escape or cold air can creep in.

Bleeding radiators helps to get rid of any air pockets trapped inside, affecting how the hot water circulates effectively.

Moving furniture away from radiators helps the heat to circulate through the room as it'll absorb heat.

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Thick curtains, carpets and rugs also help to prevent hot air from being lost.

Water pipes can freeze if it's cold enough, causing them to break and leak as they thaw – wrapping pipes with insulation will help.

A carbon monoxide detector can alert you to faulty central heating systems while keeping you and your household safe.

Also, smart meters can keep track of your usage, and if you need help with heating costs, some may be eligible to receive grants from the Government.

The Winter Fuel Payment and Cold Weather Payment are set up to help those who need support, so check if you're entitled to them.

If you're heading out in the car, plan to have a winter safety kit inside, including an ice scraper, de-icer, small shovel, jump start cables and an extra set of warm clothes and blankets. A torch, spare batteries, boots with a good grip and high-vis jacket is also important.

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