Huge sinkhole as deep as a six storey building suddenly opens up

A massive sinkhole as deep as a six-storey building has unexpectedly opened up in a New Zealand farm – revealing a 60,000-year-old volcanic deposit.

Experts were stunned by the size of the chasm in the Bay of Plenty, with one describing it as "pretty spectacular".

Startling aerial footage shows the size of the massive chasm, which was first discovered by a farm

The sinkhole is around 200 metres in length and about 30 metres wide.

It was first discovered by a farm worker who was milking cows.

Farm manager Colin Tremain told New Zealand TV network Newshub that he didn’t realise how big it was until the Sun came up.

Scientist Brad Scott told the network that it was three times bigger than any sinkhole he’d ever seen before.

He said: "This pretty spectacular, it’s a lot bigger than the ones I’d normally see."

And he added: "What I see in the bottom of the hole is the original 60,000 year old volcanic deposit that came out of this crater."

Anxious about livestock meeting their end by falling into the giant hole, Mr Tremain said he plans to put a fence around it.

The sinkhole runs along a fault line and opened up after heavy rainfall in the area.

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