Hunt for female assassin who gunned down Mexican governor as all-girl hit squads wage blood-soaked war

THE hunt is on for a female assassin who 'gunned down a Mexican governor in a restaurant bathroom as all-girl hit squads lynch male victims across Mexico.

Mexican authorities have released CCTV images of the woman who is believed to have shot the former governor of Jalisco three times in the bloodthirsty attack.

Local newspaper reports that the former governor and ex Institutional Revolutionary Party member Aristoteles Sandova was shot in the back of the head, a second shot near his heart and a third in his stomach.

There is now a £37,000 reward for the assassin who carried out the brutal execution on the 46-year-old in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

The slaying took place on December 18 in the Distrito 5 restaurant in the tourist hotspot of Puerto Vallarta.

The CCTV footage shows a blonde woman wearing a grey hoodie and blue jeans and her male accomplice with dark hair fleeing the eatery after the bloodbath.

Jalisco Attorney General Gerardo Solis Gomez announced they were offering at least MXN 1,000,000 (£37,041) for any information leading to the whereabouts and arrest of the suspects.

"Two people have been identified, a man and a woman, who could be related to the events under investigation," Solis said.

"In order to obtain truthful information that allows us to identify these people, the State Attorney's Office offers a million pesos as a reward for those who provide accurate data on each of them."


Sandoval arrived at the restaurant at 10pm local time with three friends, businessman Eduardo Riguero, Joaquín Sandoval, who is not related to the former governor, and Patricia Ceballos.

Sandoval, who had his security detail present, went to the bathroom by himself and was gunned down shortly after 1am.

His bodyguards desperately tried to evacuate him from the restaurant but ran into more gunmen outside.

At least one of the security guard was seriously injured, but survived the attack.

Cops have arrested four workers so far and charged them with justice and concealing evidence. 

Last week, Solis revealed footage showed Distrito 5 workers cleaning the floor near the bar and the hallway floor that leads to the bathroom.

They were also seen removing a rug.

A judge has issued arrest warrants for six other workers, who are wanted for the same offenses.  

Authorities suspect the Jalisco New Generation Cartel's involvement and have issued six arrest warrants with three pending approval and one unidentified person has been detained.

Sandoval was a member of the old ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party who governed the state from 2013 to 2018. 

This comes as the country sees a rise in all-girl hit squads who lure men into traps before brutally murdering them.

Known as Sicarias – meaning “hitwomen” – these deadly killers use their good looks to charm their victims before murdering them in cold blood.

Girls as young as seven are kidnapped or forcibly taken from their parents by drug lords and trained to kill, while others are lured in by the glamorous lifestyle flaunted by the millionaire drug traffickers.

In September 2019 El Chapo’s top killer Claudia Ochoa Felix – dubbed the "Kim Kardashian of organised crime" – was found dead in her lover’s bed from a pulmonary aspiration, which can be caused by choking.

But their successors continue to flaunt their bloodthirsty lifestyles on social media, posing with guns, flak jackets and even tigers in a bid to show off their wealth.

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