Husband storms off on a 280-MILE walk after arguing with his wife

Italian husband storms off on a 280-MILE, seven-day walk to calm down after arguing with his wife – and is fined £365 for breaking Covid restrictions

  • Italian man went for a week-long hike following an argument with his wife
  • He walked from Como in northern Italy to Fano on the Adriatic Coast
  • Officers found him at 2am and fined him for breaching Covid-19 restrictions 

An Italian husband stormed off on a 280-mile walk that lasted seven days to calm down after arguing with his wife, and was subsequently fined £365 for breaking Covid restrictions. 

The man, 48, went for a week-long hike to calm his anger following the heated exchange. 

He left from Como in the north of Italy and made his way south, traversing around 40 miles per day.  

The man went on a 280-mile walk that lasted seven days to calm down after arguing with his wife

The man, who has not been named, eventually reached the beach resort of Fano on the Adriatic coast. 

Police officers discovered the man walking at 2am in breach of the country’s coronavirus restrictions. 

They came across him while conducting a standard search for Covid-19 rule-breakers.  

Across the country, a curfew is in place from 10pm until 5am to curb the spread of coronavirus. 

Authorities discovered that his wife had already reported the man as missing a week earlier, telling police that he had left the house on foot after a confrontation and had not returned. 

They fined him £365 (€400) for breaching the Covid-19 curfew. 

The man left from the city of Como in northern Italy. Above, Como pictured on December 4 

He was then reportedly put up in a hotel. 

Speaking to Italian newspaper il Resto del Carlino, he said that people he met along the way had offered him food and drink. 

‘I’m fine, just a little tired,’ he told the publication. 

Last week, Italy recorded its highest daily Covid-19 death toll yet with 993 fatalities in 24 hours. 

The previous grim record of 969 deaths was set on March 27, when Italy was under national lockdown after becoming the first European country to be hit by the global pandemic.

The government imposed a nationwide shutdown when coronavirus first hit that brought infection rates under control, but had the effect of crippling the economy. 

After cases began to rise again in October, bars and restaurants were shut in the early evening and a nationwide night curfew imposed, with tougher measures in the hardest-hit areas.

Ministers say this regional approach is working, but have warned Italians not to let down their guard.

New measures covering the Christmas holidays, a time when most Italians would travel to see family, are expected shortly.

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