Husky’s excited reaction to first-ever snow accidentally knocks owner over

An adorable video shows a husky's delighted reaction when he experiences snow for the very first time.

In the clip, recorded on December 28, the six-month-old dog runs around on a hill covered in a blanket of snow in County Powys, Wales.

The husky, called Apollo, has never seen snow before and dashes around in circles with an infectious excitement and it's clearly the best day of his life.

Unfortunately, the pup becomes so hyperactive he suddenly rushes towards owner Jack Hughes, 23 – and promptly knocks him over onto the grass.

The hilarious moment was filmed by Jack's partner, Sinead Ronan-John, 21, to be shared with his mum, Rachael Hughes.

Rachael told Jam Press: "As a family, we have all been waiting for Apollo to see the snow and wondering would he would think of it.

"So I asked them to send me a video of him.

"I loved seeing Apollo enjoying the snow and knocking Jack off his feet was too funny not to share the video."

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Rachel uploaded the clip to Facebook, where it has left other viewers in stitches over the funny slapstick-style scene.

"Can't stop laughing," admitted one person.

"Love it," added someone else.

"Nice one Apollo," commented another fan of the clip.

Fortunately, Jack was not badly hurt and his family got a good laugh out of Apollo's big snow day – with hopefully many more for him to enjoy.

This comes after a disabled dog who is both deaf and blind thawed out hearts on Reddit with beautiful footage showing how much she loves her human companion.

The pooch was playing in the garden when she suddenly caught the scent of her owner and became ridiculously excited, using her nose to guide her to him for a big cuddle.

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