I was arrested for trespassing on my own property – and now I'm stuck in an eviction battle just to get it back | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER has told how he was arrested after being accused of trespassing on his own property.

Tim Arko has been locked in an eviction battle as he tries to boot alleged squatters from his home in Georgia.

He told the ABC affiliate WSB that he realized someone had broken into the home in February.

It came just days after the tenants he was renting the property to had moved out.

Arko claimed that someone pointed a gun at him when he arrived at the home.

He said: “I didn’t know what to do. I walked in on weapons, a prostitute, a bunch of dogs in the back, my fence broken down.”

Arko called 911 and cops were scrambled to the home but he was taken into custody.

He recalled that one of the alleged squatters had told officers that he was an “invader.”

Arko wasn’t charged with any crime after revealing to cops that he actually owned the property.

But, he has faced a months-long ordeal to remove the alleged squatters from his home.

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One person who was seen inside the home told WSB that they had not broken in and claimed they had a lease.

Arko has tried to evict the suspected squatters through the courts but has been hit with months of delays.

He has since been told that he should be able to start evicting in September.

But, Arko claimed: "I feel like it's heavily weighted towards these trespassers and criminals, not the people that got duped."

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