Idiot hikers keep trying to climb up UK’s highest mountain wearing flip flops

Bonkers hikers are attempting to scale the UK’s highest peak in high heels and jelly shoes.

Others don trainers and fill their rucksacks with booze so they can toast their success if they manage to get to the top of Ben Nevis.

And some leave beer bottles and crisps packets strewn across the summit of the 1,345 metre Scottish peak.

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Travellers leaving reviews of their walk up the mountain have described the crazy and selfish behaviour of other walkers.

One person wrote on TripAdvisor: “Surprised as always on the path on the way down to see people in trainers, high heels etc who should be nowhere near a mountain.

“Only ever seems to be an issue on UK peaks…if you do that on Mont Blanc you get arrested, if you try it in the greater ranges you wouldn’t come back!”

TS said: “We climbed this on Friday, visibility was poor but we were thrilled that we achieved it. It was also fun to watch the many people descending and ascending in inappropriate clothing and footwear.”

Munrobaggins said: “We walked up this on a beautiful summer day. We had a rucksack full of gear, just in case ! We met hundreds of people!!

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“Wearing jeans, sandals jelly shoes and carrying a bottle of water , no jackets or extra layers or extra water given the temperature at the bottom…onward we went we met loads of people coming down cos it was too hard, too hot or their kid couldn’t cope with it.”

Another reviewer said: “Sadly, I brought back down the mountain a carrier full of litter picked up on the return journey. It beggars belief why anyone would drop their litter on such a wonderful mountain!”

Yet another person noted: “Too much rubbish around too. Empty beer bottle at the summit, which continues to look like a builder’s yard.”

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