I'm a 40-year-old mum & proof OnlyFans isn't just for Love Islanders – men can't get enough of my 'Aunty Val' character

CLUTCHING a freshly baked quiche and donning a pair of large round spectacles, Aunty Val welcomes her “darlings” into her floral 90s-inspired living room.

It doesn’t sound like your average OnlyFans video, but the escapades of the curly-haired character have helped mum-of-one Alex Sim-Wise rake in £250,000.

The former glamour model, 40, who lives in Devon with her husband, Sam and their seven-year-old daughter, set up her page three years ago, charging her 1,500-odd subscribers a monthly fee to access her account. 

In return, she posts a new set of 20 pictures and a video two to three times a week. 

Curvy size 12 Alex insists the platform – a popular source of income for influencers and glam celebs like Sarah Jayne Dunn – can be just as lucrative for older content creators.

Her niche is playing “sexy MILFs”, and her Aunty Val character is a fan favourite.

Alex – who appears on a new Channel 4 documentary called How To Make It on OnlyFans – now gets paid thousands to 'makeover' other women's accounts.

Shesays she helps women them get rich on the site and bills herself as the “Trinny and Susannah for Sl*gs”, after the popular TV duo.

She told The Sun: “I’ve made about a quarter of a million since I started.

“I’ve done hundreds of different characters, but they are mainly variations of mums and MILFs. 

“The most popular character I play is Aunty Val. She is a 90s mum who is a bit of a goer. 

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“I think people do like older women making the videos.

“I certainly don’t see anything wrong using OnlyFans to post sexy images as an adult. 

“I am 40, my 34E boobs are totally real, I feel good about myself and I am of the view, ‘F**k it, I can do this for as long as I want’. 

“If you are happy in your sexuality and you like being seen in that way, then OnlyFans is a good outlet.”

The most popular character I play is Aunty Val. She is a 90s mum who is a bit of a goer

Alex charges upwards of £30 a go to offer advice to other wannabe porn stars.

She said: “The first woman I helped properly made a million dollars in her first year and because I was her referral, I got £50,000. 

“It is important you know exactly what kind of content you want to make.” 

Alex claimed OnlyFans has boosted her body confidence and argues women on there are less likely to be exploited because they have control over their content.

She said: “It's a form of porn but it gives the creators control over their image.”

Supportive hubby

Alex insisted her husband is fully supportive of her job as a creator – and comes up with "some of the best ideas" for her videos. 

She added: "He gets his own videos and they are different."

Alex won’t stop her daughter from following in her footsteps: “I will tell her about what I do when she is a bit older.

“I'm not going to hide it from her and it’s not something I am ashamed of. 

“And if she wants to do this when she is older, I will support her. 

“I am not going to push her into it either. I want her to be happy and I would be more disappointed if I found out she was a bully.” 

Since the pandemic, OnlyFans has seen thousands join the platform. 

There are now believed to be a million “creators” who share video clips and messages directly with subscribers. 

If my daughter wants to do this when she is older, I will support her

In return for hosting the material, OnlyFans takes a 20 per cent share of all payments. 

Concerns have grown in recent months that under 18s are selling explicit videos by faking their ID. 

But Alex hit back at suggestions it’s a filthy den of vice corrupting young women. 

She insisted: “You can’t be young on OnlyFans. It’s really stringent to set up an account. 

“You have to go through a strong verification process to prove you're 18 or over and it's not corrupting young girls.” 

Alex revealed the first lockdown saw her subscribers clamouring for “reassuring videos”. 

She said: “I normally do striptease style videos but in the first lockdown, I made reassuring videos where I was fully dressed.

“At the time everyone was so anxious and they liked these. I dressed up as a nurse.” 

Treats trolls like 'naughty kids'

Although some of her subscribers send her “horrible” messages, Alex, who worked as a Page 3 girl, said she won’t tolerate trolls. 

“Some are horrible,” she confided. “My persona is a bit of a schoolteacher and they can’t get away with stuff. 

“You have to treat them like naughty kids."

Alex wears her wedding ring in her videos but doesn't talk about her family life.

She said: "It’s a fantasy world and it's the best job I can get. People can get to know you as a person and I like the fact it is so flexible. I can work at home.

“I live in the middle of nowhere and I am making more money now than I ever have. 

“I used to be a glamour model when I was younger but I don’t remember making loads of money. 

“I don’t care what people think."

I live in the middle of nowhere and I am making more money now than I ever have

It was her idea to approach Channel 4 about making a one-off documentary looking at how you can maximise profits from OnlyFans, and Alex hopes it will make people realise most users are “normal”. 

“My main aim for doing this documentary is to try and humanise the industry,” she explained.

“It gets sensationalised but there are a lot of normal people on OnlyFans. 

“We aren’t supermodels and it’s important to broaden the idea of what a sex worker is – because that is what we are on a softer level. 

“There is a power of us being together and posting photos on OnlyFans.

"It’s not a case of taking a couple of selfies, there is a lot more to it and it’s really hard work. 

“I’ll continue to do it while I do well. I’d be silly not to.” 

How To Make It on OnlyFans airs on Thursday 9th December at 10pm on Channel 4.

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