I'm a security expert – homeowners MUST follow my top tips to make sure their house isn't next on burglars' lists

A SECURITY expert has shared her top tips for homeowners to make sure their house is not next on burglars' lists.

Locksmith Elizabeth Johns warned homeowners could be at risk of burglary after unusual shapes were found chalked on homes in Stoke-on-Trent.

The shapes have previously been referred to as the 'Da Pinchi Code' supposedly used by crooks to share information about a house with fellow burglars.

But, utility workers are also known to leave signs on walls to indicate an area has been checked for potential issues with things like gas.

But speaking to The Sun Online, Elizabeth – who owns Locksmith L&E in Greater Manchester – said it is better to be safe than sorry and take action now to protect your home.


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She said: "We have had burglaries whereby people have found odd markings on their homes.

"It is well known in the industry that these things have happened.

"Burglars will scout a house and they will mark them."

She warned how criminals will even mark homes in order to steal expensive dogs.

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While it is not common – she did warn that kidney beans have been used to make a mess on the doorstep to work out if a homeowner is in or not.

Elizabeth says that she does not want to scare homeowners about markings found on their home.

But she stressed there are a number of things you can do to keep your home protected.

One top tip is to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary happening around your home and in the local area.

She said: "There is strength in numbers – look out for your neighbours.

"Then if anything suspicious happens they can be warned."

Having proper, up-to-date security on your home is also vital to make sure you are extra safe.

The locksmith said: "Have security locks – it will deter them from getting in.

"And make sure you are putting as much security on the back door as you are on the front."

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She added that while CCTV may not deter a burglar – it can be useful to watch out for any suspicious activity around your house.

Ring Video doorbells – which send a live stream to your smartphone – and conventional CCTV can help catch burglars.


Elizabeth’s top tips for a safe and secure home:

  1. Make sure all doors and windows are locked at night – these are easy access for burglars.
  2. Never leave valuables in sight of window – day and night – burglars will be in and out within minutes if they know the location of valuables.
  3. If you are going away – get someone to check your home on a regular basis – and DON'T advertise you are travelling.
  4. Ring up a locksmith to come and do a check on your property to make sure it is as secure as possible.

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