Inside China’s sex robot factory where perverts can order ‘child-size’ AI dolls

Disturbing footage has revealed the inside of a Chinese sex doll factory where perverts can order child-like AI models.

Customers can personalise their dolls by choosing various appearance options including height, hairstyle and eye colour.

On the website dolls measuring 3ft 3in – the average height of a three-year-old in the UK – are on sale for £900 – and one doll is only 2ft 1in tall – the average height of a three-month-old.

Experts at WM DOLL installed the robots with the ability move their eyes and limbs and to say a few words, and they can now hold very basic conversations.

But the firm admits improving these features has been difficult partly because experts aren’t interested in putting much effort into developing AI technology for adult products.

Their main buyers are single men and while most of their dolls are female, they also make male dolls targeting the homosexual male customer and are hoping to break into the American market.

A reporter touring the factory in Guangdong held a brief conversation with one of a group of robots called Lucy, who told him to ‘come home with her’ and addresses him as ‘the young master’.

A reporter speaks to Lucy the sex doll

REPORTER: "Who are you?"

DOLL: "Baby I am called Lucy, have you, the young master already forgotten it?"

REPORTER: "How old are you?"

DOLL: "It’s not very gentlemanly to ask a girl’s age."

REPORTER: "Where do you come from?"

DOLL: "Home, do you want to come with me?"

The factory’s Product Manager, Liu Ding, 40, said: "We started from focusing on the chatting function, then we thought the robot can be developed in even better ways.

"We then made the arms and legs movable, and programed many different modes on robots.

"This allows us to market ourselves to different target customers."

Sexologist Tong Li said in the future people could choose to stay in with the dolls as we become more dependant on the internet and ‘less interested’ in socialising with people.

He said: "On one hand it (an AI sex doll) satisfies people’s need and in the meantime on the other hand, it reduces the need.

"Maybe after I play and chat with the dolls at home, I would perhaps not have that much motivation to socialise in the real life.

"Because in the future people will be more dependent on the internet and staying at home.

"Then people will find chatting and socialising with others very tiring."

By 2050, China will have 30 million single men from age 35-59, according to a People’s Daily report citing an expert from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Among the potential customers is a 30-year-old architect who declined to be named.

He is single and bought his first sex doll three years ago.

For him, having a sex doll is still taboo in his family so he hid it in his bedroom.

"(I like it) because it (the AI sex doll) moves like a real person," he said, even though he thinks they are still too expensive for him.

China’s whole market value for sex products is expected to reach $9 billion by 2020, according to a report conducted by JD.Com group’s data research institution.

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