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A BLOKE was left baffled when he stumbled across the remains of an abandoned £189million spaceship dumped in the desert.

Urban explorer Greg Abandoned spotted the Soviet air shuttle while combing through the wilderness with a pal.

The Brit managed to track down the mammoth £189 million space shuttle called Ptichka, meaning "little bird" in Russian.

The UUSR ploughed an exorbitant amount of cash into their space program as they raced against the US to achieve success in the cosmos.

Incredible images shot on Greg's Sony camera show the 105-tonne structure covered in dust after being deserted in the huge hangar.

After a failed mission decades ago, the complex craft had been left to rot in the remote warehouse.

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Although Greg refuses to disclose the location of his extraordinary finds to protect them, it was reportedly located in the steppe of Kazakhstan.

The digital creator, who boasts 113,000 Instagram followers, said it the trip to the tough terrain "seemed like going to hell and back".

"But it was all worth it in the end," he added.

In an eerie adjacent building, the avid explorer discovered even more souvenirs from botched space missions.

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He found another Soviet-designed 193ft tall Energia rocket that had also been abandoned after a botched assignment.

The specially designed rocket had one single successful journey to space during an uncrewed mission in November 1988, when the 'Blizzard' was lifted into space.

It was shunted through the atmosphere and placed into temporary orbit before the Energia separated as planned.

It completed two orbits around the Earth before descending back to the launch site and landing horizontally on a runway – 206minutes after being deployed.

It was the first spaceplane to perform an uncrewed flight, including landing in fully automatic mode.

Both designs were produced by NPO Energia as part of the Buran programme.

Greg explained: "I must say that the scale of this bloody rocket is enormous.

"Standing there at the bottom and looking up at this monster was a remarkable experience.

I could not comprehend that the shuttles that had cost millions of dollars were just rusting away.

"I first found out about the shuttles in an article I came across online and I could not comprehend that the shuttles that had cost millions of dollars were just rusting away.

"There is something about space that has always fascinated me.

"This was the ultimate place for me to travel to, it is every explorer's dream to see this for themselves."

The Soviet space programme was suspended due to a lack of funds after the first flight of a Buran spacecraft.

It was officially terminated in June 1993 by President Boris Yeltsin, before the wasted structures were left to rot.

Greg continued: "At the time of its cancellation, 20 billion rubles ( £189million) had been spent on the Buran programme.

"Launched in the early 1970s and formally suspended in 1993 the Russian Buran programme delivered a shuttle which orbited the Earth on November 15, 1988.

"It was the only flight of the 'Blizzard'.

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"Since then, in the middle of the desert in Baikonur, Russia sits and rusts away the "Holy Grail of Urbex" ` two shuttles and the space rocket."

The spacecrafts remain marooned in the hangar, providing a stark symbol of the decline of Russia's space programme.

doesn't share locations i don't want the place to be trashed

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