Inside grim burnt-out remains of notorious UK brothel made famous by Channel 4

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  • Foul surroundings and grim scenes were shown inside of an abandoned brothel in Sheffield, with the stench of sweat and urine still present.

    City Sauna on Attercliffe Road in Sheffield had appeared on a number of documentaries including A Very British Brothel, where the establishment was highlighted in all its racy glory.

    But the venue had moved on just a few years after the Channel 4 documentary, leaving behind a sordid array of nightmarish insides as the brothel moved itself down the road.

    In its absence, the once-historic boozer location has been left dormant, visited by urban explorers who have documented the rotting condoms and dirty showers within.

    The previous City Sauna location has been badly damaged by fire, with charred interiors shown in a series of grim photos.

    Fire damage has left ash covering the floors of the historic location, where walls are now peeling away due to major fire damage.

    1. Sickening state for dilapidated brothel

      Not quite the refined establishment it once was, the old location of City Sauna has been left in quite the state.

      Urban explorers have since been inside the Attercliffe property and snapped photos of the manky walls and rundown rooms.

      Just four years ago, an ITV documentary had showcased the booming business in their A Very Yorkshire Brothel show.

      (Image: Lost Places Forgotten Faces/Facebook)1 of 12

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    2. Rotting showers and dirty condoms

      With no reason to hire a cleaning staff for the abandoned property, the former brothel has fallen into disarray.

      Condom-clad showers and grime around the edges make the bathroom less than inviting.

      It was less than impressive for the urban explorer group, who said the condom in the shower "quickly" gave them "an idea of what went on here".

      (Image: Lost Places Forgotten Faces/Facebook)2 of 12

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    3. Custard jacuzzi game for crutches-clad pensioner

      One of the employees at the old City Sauna location was Jo, who DailyRecord reported as having a series of unique clients.

      From changing the nappies of grown men to lounging around in custard with a crutches using pensioner, it was quite the shift for Jo.

      She said at the time: "You get a lot of giant babies who want mothering. They have full-length babygrows on. You have to change their nappy."

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    1. Pizzas, stomach measuring and sexy cigarettes

      A new recruit at the time for City Sauna was Ellie, who detailed some of the weirder demands her clientele had asked for.

      She said: "I have one guy who likes me just to sit and have a cigarette. I sit there in very sexy underwear.

      "Another request was could I eat three pizzas then they measure my stomach and see if I’ve got any bigger."

      (Image: Facebook/Darkside Spirit Seekers)4 of 12

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    2. Murky mattresses see little action these days

      The previously flash pad is seeing a lot less action these days though, after City Sauna hauled itself out of the Attercliffe building and to a new development down the road.

      The licesned massage parlour had been run by a mother and daughter duo, soon finding a place on the "golden mile of sex".

      Cath and Jenny ran the "sauna" which offered everything from hour-long VIP romps to a quiet tea and biscuits sit down.

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    3. Historic pub beginnings for sex sauna

      Before it found new life as a sauna offering custard baths and cigarettes, the property was an old and historic pub.

      The Norfolk Arms opened its doors in 1830 and initially provided factory workers a place for a pint.

      It is unlikely that the crowded pub offered custard baths at the time.

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    1. Mother and daughter duo run the successful brothel

      Viewers of the two documentaries at the time were given a glimpse into life running the brothel.

      City Sauna was operated by Cathy and Jenni, who kept their longstanding business in the family when they moved it down the road from its Attercliffe location.

      Still in the Attercliffe part of town, the City Sauna business is still open.

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    2. Used condoms and pregnancy tests litter old property

      At least the former property had safety on the mind, with urban explorers spotting a number of used pregnancy test wrappers.

      The converted pub property has since been thoroughly explored, with the specialist area still providing services to paying punters.

      A previous report from DailyRecord stated they had specialised in providing the services of "more mature women".

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    3. Fire damage prompted move to new location

      Cathy and Jenni moved to a separate location, with the former building seen to have an abundance of fire damage within.

      Charred parts of the property can be spotted in urban explorer images, along with the old mattresses and "vacant" signs scattered around.

      Their new location, just a short walk from Sheffield Hallam University, is presumably much less fire damaged.

      (Image: Facebook/Darkside Spirit Seekers)9 of 12

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    1. New red rooms and fetish offerings

      According to the City Sauna website, a selection of decorated rooms are on offer to potential patrons.

      Themed rooms, such as this red room, appear to be available to those interested in a trip to the facility, as well as themed fetish nights.

      A statement on their site reads: "So whether you’re a nervous newbie or one of our beloved regulars, City Sauna looks forward to welcoming you all soon."

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    2. New rooms for City Sauna services

      The new property has since offered up some renovated rooms that are set to welcome regulars and newcomers alike.

      It makes quite the change from the scorched property the family business left just four years ago.

      Hopefully the odour is much more inviting too, with urban explorers noting the sweat and urine stench of the previous building.

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    3. City Sauna ‘as seedy as it gets’

      Urban explorers who managed their way into the old property said the state of the place was "as seedy as it gets."

      As reported previously by Daily Star, the property had a "lingering" odour that never quite left, even when its owners did.

      The exploring group said: "You name it, this place was as seedy as it gets! One of the rooms had a very peculiar odour which must have been lingering for years."

      (Image: Lost Places Forgotten Faces/Facebook)12 of 12

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