Inside new brand of £30m doomsday bunkers with decontamination unit and helipad as Putin threatens to nuke the West | The Sun

A BRAND new range of £30million doomsday bunkers kitted out with decontamination pods and helipads have been unveiled.

As Putin continues to threaten to nuke the West, the ultra rich can now fork out millions to protect themselves and their billions from a nuclear war or future apocalyptic pandemics.

The luxury fortified underground bunkers are fitted with self-contained energy and air supplies, blast protection, decontamination units – and topped off with swanky living spaces.

The residences also feature a vault with bank-level security for wealthy clients to store collections of art masterpieces, gold, cash and other valuables.

Swiss developer Oppidum said the modern underground layout is tailored to "the most powerful individuals in the world" – and "offers a place of safety in times of need".

Kitted out with a fireplace, wood panelling and handmade tapestries, the homes are designed to ensure life continues "uninterrupted" in the event of "disruption".

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The firm said the structures are "optimised for super-luxury everyday lifestyle, while prepared for all surface threats".

Wealthy clients can opt to have it built next to or under their existing homes – typically beneath the garden or driveway space.

Although the underground shelters start at a price point of £8.2million, Oppidum said the new state-of the-art design – called Futurist – will cost a whopping £30million.

But the engineering firm said it can build any secure living space imaginable designed to each client's specific wants and needs.

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"As with all new designs, Oppidum's first priority is protecting what clients cherish most, loved ones and friends alongside precious invaluable objects ranging from the intrinsic to priceless," the company said.

Oppidum said the bunkers are designed to be "accessed at any time easily only a few steps away".

Architect Marc Prigent designed Futurist with the emphasis on modernity.

Celebrated for creating some of the world's most luxurious spaces for hotels such as the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons, Prigent came up with the new bunker as a secure living space – and modern art gallery.

The company explained: "Oppidum's all-new Futurist serves as a modern-day castle with a pleasing, minimalist contemporary approach.

"The Futurist is defined by smooth shapes and delightful curving walls with a series of calming areas thoughtfully laced throughout.

"While Oppidum's previous L'Heritage design is constructed in a classical French style, the Futurist opts for the modern; incorporating sophisticated lighting systems that delicately highlight day and night through each 24-hour period."

Oppidum founder and chief executive Jakub Zamrazil said: "While protection and comfort are absolute necessities, Oppidum also recognises that life is about much more than perfect security.

"The Oppidum Futurist serves as an extension of the home, a special place for showcasing and preserving precious pieces that the world cannot simply recreate."

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