Inside Putin’s pathetic parade including hacked live feed and weak speech

Vladimir Putin's long-awaited Victory Day saw the brutal tyrant deliver a laughably feeble speech as the live stream was embarrassingly hacked.

Hackers managed to plaster a message on the stream saying that the Russians had Ukrainian blood on their hands as it was being streamed to TV screens around the country.

The parade is usually a huge affair which allows Putin to show off the nation's nuclear missiles, tanks and other weapons of mass destruction.

Military equipment is usually accompanied by thousands of Russian troops marching in unison to show off the country's military might.

But the parade was embarrassingly scaled down by 35% this year as much of the country's military equipment has been lost in the ongoing invasion attempt of Ukraine.

It's estimated that around 10,000 troops took part in the parade, down from the 12,000 usually on show, following a reported 26,000 Russian deaths in Ukraine.

The usual flypast by Russian air force was also cancelled on the day which they blamed on the weather, despite the parade taking place with clear skies over Moscow.

Vladimir Putin was expected to brutally declare all out war on Ukraine and vow to mobilise its reserves for the war in Ukraine – but instead he gave a wildly underwhelming 11 minute speech.

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The tyrant reiterated his usual spiel about Russia fighting Nazis in Ukraine and accused the West of planning to invade Crimea.

The speech didn't feature any inspiring lines to rally the Russian people to back his wish of taking over Ukraine.

After the faltering speech, Putin sat with a thick green blanket covering his legs as he watched the reduced number of soldiers and military vehicles pass through Moscow's Red Square.

Rumours have been circulating about the tyrant's deteriorating physical and mental health – with some claiming he is suffering Parkinson's and will be undergoing cancer treatment soon.

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