Inside the African village of Aston Villa fans living 5,000 miles from the club

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These incredible pictures show a tiny village in Africa – where everyone supports Astob Villa.

Juaben in Ghana, Africa, is 5,000 miles away from Villa Park, but it is still home to a devoted group of 700 supporters.

The fans, 200 of whom play for the Ghana Lions, meet and sing loud football chants as they dance in the street to support the team.

The trend began when Lions founder Owusu Boakye Amando's grandfather told stories of the Premier League squad to the locals.

Owusu's grandfather picked up the bug for Aston Villa after living with a family from Birmingham who were in Africa and fans of the West Midlands side.

He always dreamed of one day visiting their home ground but was never able to, and now 20-year-old Owusu hopes that one day he can make the pilgrimage.

Owusu said: "I live in a Village called Juaben in the Ashanti part of Ghana, and my love for Aston Villa started because of my grandpa. My grandpa's father lived with some white people and they were from Birmingham. They were Aston Villa fans.

"At that time my grandfather was in his youthful age and a footballer too.

"They used to tell my grandparents more stories and history about the club. They said they were going to take my grandpa to play for Aston Villa.

"It is my dream, my heart's desire, when my grandpa was alive it was his dream to come to Villa Park, but he couldn't fulfil it, I want to do it for my grandpa.

"When we were kids, he used to tell us more stories and history about Aston Villa, and he used to talk about a certain player called God.

"So one day me and the kids went to him and asked him grandpa who is that God you are talking about because we all know that there's only one God and he is in Heaven.

"He was laughing and he told me that there's a God in football and his name is Paul McGrath. My grandfather passed away 10 years ago and I inherited doing what he used to do for us when we were kids."

Since his grandfather's passing, Owusu began carrying the torch for the claret and blue – and he even teaches the younger children how to play.

He continued: "Sometimes you will see the kids coming to me to listen more about Aston Villa, so I formed this fan base always to celebrate Aston Villa. Villa till we die.

"Aston Villa is so popular because Villa is more than a family irrespective where you are coming from, and because of what we are doing here in my Village.

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"I got to know that there's no football team in my Village and there are a lot of talented players here so I formed the team to teach and train those who have the talent to play football but their parents can't afford to take them to football academies.

"I have also formed a women's team to get opportunity close to the ladies to teach them sex education to minimize teenage pregnancies in my Village. So day in day out our fan base is growing bcos of what we are doing here."

The Ghana Lions are the only Villa supporters' group in Africa recognised in the UK, and are backed by the Aston Villa Foundation.

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